Why entrepreneurial cities Losangeles and Shenzhen are strikingly similar

Abstract: Losangeles, as the second most popular city in Silicon Valley, has a striking similarity with Shenzhen, the capital city, which is second only to Beijing, which is the most popular city in the world

in the current entrepreneurial tide, the hottest land should be the United States and China, a veteran of the developed countries, the world leader in science and technology and innovation, one is the rapid development of emerging countries. The center for science and technology entrepreneurship in the United States is Silicon Valley, China’s entrepreneurial center is Beijing. read more

Didi Du Jincheng 600 thousand venture capital drops how to go today

[Abstract] the initial venture capital is only 600 thousand, to accelerate the development of the past 3 months, with the cheapest price to find technical staff, bought a software, invested a total of 200 thousand.


technology news (Xiang Xin) March 26th news, in today’s 2015 China Shanghai automotive e-commerce development forum, a taxi drops vice president Du Jincheng said in his speech, before the car market, in the market, after the market has a lot of opportunities, including P2P car, smart cars, trading electricity supplier and so on, a variety of roles find the starting point and future opportunities in this market. read more

There are idle money, it is better to invest in the underwear industry perhaps there will be a next

Abstract: first of all, underwear (at least underwear) is not easy to try, so there is nothing to buy online and offline two. Second, do not stop to replace the underwear, size does not change much, look for a brand or style, is prone to periodic purchase.

entrepreneurial era, write App, wristbands, not at all. Some people say that after the lively, or to calm down just need to solve.

what is just? You can not eat the Internet thinking to sell crabs, but can not wear underwear. Of course, if there is a little underwear in the scientific and technological content, it is more fun. read more