Fishing the North Coast: Excitement abounds for salmon opener

first_imgThe excitement and anticipation for Thursday’s salmon opener is as thick London fog in November.I’m not sure if it’s the two-week hiatus — or the fact that there’s so much promise in the ocean right now — but anglers are chomping at the bit to get back on the troll.The fish have arrived big-time in Shelter Cove and there’s good sign up north in Crescent City.Since Monday, the Eureka fleet has been seeing birds, bait and whales while heading both directions upon leaving Humboldt Bay. And …last_img read more

Depressed Kerry Supporters Find New Cause: Fight Creationism

first_imgA grass-roots group of Virginia liberal Democrats has found a new cause to lift them out of their depression after John Kerry’s defeat last fall, according to a Washington Post article reprinted by MSNBC News: “Keep Virginia evolving.”  Their chosen mission is to defend evolution from intrusions by the intelligent design movement and conservative Republicans and Christians.  Peter Slevin writes:Evolution’s newest defenders, who came together in frustration after the November elections, have little political experience, apart from hoisting Kerry-Edwards signs in morning traffic.  They mostly are middle-class people with day jobs.  Some had protested the Vietnam War but had rarely felt inspired to undertake political activism since.  Together, they call themselves the Message Group and depict themselves as “determined and balanced” voters worried about social conservatives.    “I fear for my country.  That sounds like a radical notion, something from the ’60s, but there is a pervasive fear, a scariness,” said Richard Lawrence, 63, a retired Environmental Protection Agency employee who voted for Nixon.  “We’re just a small group, maybe with a powerful idea.  We don’t have a clue, but we’re not letting go.”….    The Message Group was created out of its members’ disappointment.  After President Bush was reelected and Republicans strengthened their hold on Capitol Hill, the group’s future comrades were among millions of demoralized Kerry voters who had invested fresh emotional energy and elbow grease in politics, only to fall short.   (Emphasis added in all quotes.)Starting from scratch about seven months ago, the group realized they shared a general angst but no mission.  After some discussion, they landed on the cause of defending evolution, especially after hearing that a Baptist pastor had predicted that if enough doubt could be cast on evolution, liberalism would die.  The thought of that prospect apparently provided the spark to lift them out of the malaise of depression and frustration over Kerry’s defeat and give them a new rallying cry.Now, though their aim of defeating intelligent design is explicit, their strategy is, well, evolving.    They selected evolution after deciding that other issues, such as Social Security revisions, were well-covered by bigger, richer groups.  The emerging duel over the teaching of science, they reasoned, was important, local and manageable, an area in which they could make a small impact – and if they got lucky, a big one.They decided to take a stand in Virginia before ID advocates take up their cause in school board hearings.  Their first mailer, urging 75 like-minded souls to “Keep Virginia evolving,” failed to stir the masses to rise up, Slevin said; this draft leaflet “landed with an ugly thud.”  The cause did not resonate with Virginia Democrats somehow.  Those who even knew about it suggested that ignoring ID was the best strategy.  The Message Group tried again, this time with the approach of linking ID with the culture war and the Christian Right.  Fairfax County, which recently chastised a creationist teacher (see 06/14/2005 entry), might join their cause, they hoped.  They also planned to hold a mock Scopes Trial (see 07/19/2005 entry) with the roles reversed for effect, and plotted to link their efforts with the gubernatorial campaign next year.  Meanwhile, the Creation Mega-Conference that started Sunday at Liberty University has not seemed to notice these new foes.    One of the leaders of the Message Group was a former Vietnam sit-in protestor who hasn’t been politically active for years, but was challenged by his wife, who said, according to Slevin, “You used to be so active.  You used to be so smart.  Why don’t you get off your butt and do something?”  Another was upset by what he perceived as hypocrisy among Christians.  Another feels the religious right is a “pernicious foe.”  Conservatives who have heard about this are laughing that it will backfire, stimulating Virginians “to come out and defend their beliefs and vote Republican.”  They think it will make liberals spend a lot of energy but accomplish little.  Slevin points out that the Message Group seems more interested in psychotherapy to alleviate their depression over the Kerry loss than any genuine concern about the truth of evolution: “The new activists describe the effort as a catharsis, no matter the outcome.”This is really funny.  It almost makes you feel sympathy for these old Vietnam hippies with their tie-dye shirts and long gray hair.  There must be something they can do.  Ah!  Here’s a flag we can send up the pole to see if anyone salutes: “Keep Virginia evolving!”  Yes, Virginia, there really is a Charlie Darwin.    One of the leaders said, “I’m just a citizen, not a scientist.  I’ve even had to do a lot of reading to catch up.”  We could suggest some books.  We could also suggest a strategy.  Forget the Scopes sit-in, the chants and incense, and come up with a plausible Darwinian mechanism to explain the origin of life and the molecular machinery of the cell.  Explain the explosively abrupt appearance of all the major body plans in the fossil record simultaneously.  Prove that mind is nothing more than an emergent property of brain chemistry (without committing a logical fallacy in doing so).  Explain the fine-tuning of the universe by chance.  Provide solid scientific answers to these and the other questions the ID community are raising, and you will steal their thunder.    Doesn’t this story just nail the connection between Darwinism and political liberalism? (see 12/02/2004 entry).  When liberal Democrats, who supposedly emphasize free speech, look for a cause in science to land on, it is predictably pro-evolution and the stifling of dissent about Darwin and his materialist philosophy.  Historically, this has usually been the case.  The pro-evolutionists throughout the 19th century were predominantly leftist or radical in political ideology, whether German materialists like Vogt and Buchner, or Karl Marx in London, even Darwin himself and his most ardent supporters.  Liberalism and evolutionism are inextricably linked.  The question is, which is the cart, and which is the horse?(Visited 15 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Top price for Tretchi painting

first_imgThe striking Fruits of Bali sold for a recordR3.7-million at an auction in Cape Town.(Image: Stephan Welz & Co Auctioneers) The artist Vladimir Tretchikoff with someof his works.Janine ErasmusVladimir Tretchikoff’s Fruits of Bali sold for a whopping R3.7-million (about $463 000) – 10 times its pre-sale estimate – at an art auction in Cape Town. This figure surpassed the artist’s previous auction record of R440 000 ($54 000) reached at an auction in the city earlier in 2008.Auctioneers Stephan Welz & Co, in association with Sotheby’s, sold off R27-million ($3.3-million) worth of artworks at the May event, the second highest total ever reached at a Cape Town auction.The iconic self-taught Russian was one of several artists whose works went under the hammer. Buyers vied for pieces by other well-known South African such as Pierneef, Irma Stern and Gerard Sekoto, who had four previously unseen works from a European collection up for sale, including a small oil painting titled Girl Sewing, with a pre-sale estimate of R200 000 ($25 000). In total over 1 000 lots were available, of which 94% were sold.Bidding was reportedly enthusiastic, with six buyers on the phone, a number of offers from the floor and several absentee bidders showing interest. Applause broke out as the gavel came down on the sale. The winning bidder was present at the sale, but will remain anonymous.The bigger pictureVladimir Grigorievich Tretchikoff was born in 1913 into a wealthy family in Petropavlovsk, northern Kazakhstan. When the Russian Revolution broke out in 1917 the family fled to China. Tretchikoff took up painting, received his first commission at the age of 16, and had his first solo exhibition in Singapore at 20.Tretchikoff, who was known mostly by his last name, married in 1935 and had a daughter, Mimi. The family settled in Singapore soon after. However, when the Japanese invaded the island in 1941, the artist’s wife and daughter were forced to evacuate and he was taken prisoner. Years later he was released and tracked down his family in South Africa. In 1946 they reunited and settled in Cape Town.His first exhibition at the Maskew Miller gallery in 1948 was a huge success, if not a critical one, with 12 000 people passing through the doors in 11 days. There was no mediocre reaction to Tretchikoff’s works: his paintings of mysterious women and fallen flowers were either loved or reviled.Over the next 15 years Tretchikoff exhibited in the US, Canada and England, cementing his reputation as one of the best-selling artists. During his career he notched up 252 international exhibitions which were attended by almost 3 000 000 people in total. Today there are countless numbers of his paintings’ prints in circulation.Tretchikoff’s Chinese Girl (1950) is reported to be one of the top three best-selling art prints ever. The blue-skinned beauty depicted in the work was revealed to be a Cape Town teenager who was working in her uncle’s laundromat at the time.For reasons unknown, Trechikoff himself maintained that the Chinese girl was the daughter of a restaurant owner he met in San Francisco, until the real story was uncovered. According to Tretchikoff’s daughter, the original painting was bought by a woman from Chicago, and neither she nor the painting have been heard of since.Tretchikoff retired from selling and exhibiting in the 1970s but continued to paint until a stroke in 2002 left him progressively more frail and unable to work. He died on 26 August 2006 at the age of 92.Not everyone is a Tretchikoff fan. The artist was widely scorned among critics for his “kitsch” style but had massive public appeal nonetheless. Tretchikoff himself was known for his brimming self-confidence and tersely dismissed his critics, saying, “They are all failed artists anyway.”He worked in oil, watercolour, ink, charcoal and pencil and painted hundreds of portraits and still lifes, mainly of flowers and animals. His other notable works include Weeping Rose, Balinese Girl, Miss Wong, Blue Monday and The Dying Swan.Do you have queries or comments about this article? Email Janine Erasmus at [email protected] This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .Useful linksVladimir TretchikoffJohannesburg Art GalleryStephan Welz & Co Auctioneerslast_img read more

Neitsi ® 14″ Straight Clip in Hair Synthetic Hair Extensions -3 Piece/set- Clip-on Hair Weft : I really love it, will definitely order more for extra thick

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