first_imgIS IT TRUE that the Vanderburgh County Property Tax Bills are being mailed Monday, April 9th, 2018?  …the Deadline is May 10th, 2018? IS IT TRUE we respectfully suggest that members of City Council Councilman take the bull by the horns and create an ordinance giving the Evansville City Council full authority to re-organize the make-up of the current ECHO Housing Board of Directors?  …we hope by doing so this will allow Council members to appoint new ECHO Board members that will be good stewards of the public trust? Please take time and read our articles entitled “Statehouse Files, Channel 44 News, Daily Devotions, Law enforcement, Readers Poll, Birthdays, Hot Jobs, and Local Sports.You are now are able to subscribe to get the CCO daily. IS IT TRUE at last nights City Council meeting the At-large City Councilman and Finance Chairman Jonathan Weaver stated that the City Council should have been kept more informed about the financial problems facing ECHO Housing?  …the majority of the other Council members seemly agreed with Mr. Weaver’s remarks?  …we were taken by surprized that 3rd Ward Councilman John Hayden, CPA agreed with the majority of comments made by the DMD Director and ECHO Interim Director Chris Metz?  …that Mr. Weaver surprized those in attendance when said he had “low confidence” in the ability of ECHO Interim Director Chris Metz to run the agency?  …many of those in attendance seemly agreed with him?  …we were impressed with the way that At-Large City Councilman and Finance Chairman took on ECHO Interim Director Chris Metz and the Director of the Evansville DMD, Kelley Courses when they tried to convince members of the Evansville City Council that all is well with the finances of ECHO Housing IS IT TRUE that several Council members stated that they are going to wait to make a decision about releasing the funds to ECHO Housing until the findings of the Forensic audit are made public? …Chris Metz and Kelly Courses tried to use scare tactics on members of Council by stating that withholding funds could have negative consequences for ongoing ECHO Housing supported projects?   …we found it interesting that the current ECHO Housing Board president Dane Chandler told Council members that  “We’re here to be transparent, give you what you want?”  …it was obvious that the majority of the members of Council felt that his remarks were too little to late? IS IT TRUE that the new Starbucks slated for opening in downtown Evansville any day now has been delayed until June?…it should be remembered that there was once a Starbucks in downtown Evansville and it was closed down?…there was also a boutique coffee shop called La Sombra in Innovation Pointe that closed voluntarily where the Honeybaked Ham store is now?…La Sombra was a world-class coffee shop and it didn’t make in downtown Evansville?…we wish Starbucks luck this time around? …that a restaurant called the “Daily Grind” has just opened in downtown Evansville and has a large selection of delicious gourmet coffee on their menu?  …we highly recommend that stop by and not only enjoy the great food prepared by the “Daily Grind” chef but have a great cup of java? IS IT TRUE we are pleased that the current ECHO Housing Board President Dane Chandler publically admitted that statement made by the City-County Observer concerning the board policy that allowed the past Executive Director of ECHO Housing to write agency checks under $599 with only her signature was totally spot on? We hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?IS IT TRUE at last night City Council the ECHO Interim Director Chris Metz and the Director of the Evansville DMD, Kelley Courses tried in vain to convince members of the Evansville City Council that all is well with the finances of ECHO Housing?  …the majority of the members of City Council seemly didn’t believe them?  …that DMD Director Courses surprized members of Council when he casually stated that one of the ECHO housing projects had a $70,000 cost overrun?  …when all said and done we wouldn’t be surprized if the police investisgation and Forensic audit figure for questionable spending of ECHO Housing may be in the high six figure range? If you would like to advertise on the CCO please contact us [email protected] IS IT TRUE that when one starts to wonder why Evansville has a difficult time keeping talented people one should look no further than the Evansville Convention and Visitors Bureau where the last two people to hold the CEO job have left town before the ink was dry on their last paycheck?…the most recent person in charge of the ECVB was Bob Warren who is reportedly packing his bags for a sunnier place after his predecessor headed off to Iowa after being treated so shabbily by former Mayor Weinzapfel that the CVB had to pay her a settlement? IS IT TRUE that for the six and a half years since opening, the Ford Center has consumed close to $60 million when both operating losses and payments on the building are considered? …that is an unbelievable departure from the break-even analysis used by the Weinzapfel Administration to, convince the Evansville City Council to, go along with a downtown Arena? …furthermore, the Weinzapfel claim was that a hotel would come downtown without an incentive if only an arena was announced? …within the next two years without a miracle, the Ford Center will cross the $100 million rubicons for dollars taken from the general funds that should have been used to repair the dilapidated sewers, the pothole-filled roads, or the archaic water mains?…Evansville’s leaders once again chose a fun and games project that is losing massive amounts of money over what was projected and let the real problems continue to fester? IS IT TRUE The Indiana Bar Exam passage rate is continuing its downward trend, with only 47 percent of all takers passing in February 2018, according to results released Monday. The rate is a decline from February 2017’s results, when 52 percent of takers passed? IS IT TRUE the same goes for the local Chamber of Commerce as the last three CEO’s have headed for Lexington, Waco, and Chattanooga faster than lickety split?…when it comes to economic development a similar exit path is taken as GAGE has now had six leaders in its 11 year existence and it’s predecessor organization had 3 leaders in the prior 5 years meaning 9 people have headed the same function over a 19 year period?…all of the previous people have left town with the exception of one who passed away shortly after leaving office?…when it comes to keeping good people in impactful positions greater Evansville really seems to be challenged to keep anyone for more than a few years? ..maybe its time to hire locally because when people live here and retire they are apt to stay here? Todays “Readers Poll” question is: Should City Council should give Federal and State tax dollars to EHO Housing without knowing the findings of the police investigation and the Forensic audit? IS IT TRUE that the Courier and Press ran an article similar to last week IS IT TRUE about the financial challenges facing the Evansville Thunderbolts and the Ford Center?…they pointed out as the CCO did that in spite of being a playoff team for the first time in years that the attendance is disappointing and the financial performance is abysmal?…the C&P praised the Ford Center for bringing in $439,000 in revenue (they called it profits) but questioned the $125,000 loss that was reported for the first two months of 2018 that resulted because the Ford Center had $564,000 in expenses during the same time period?…there was one small problem with the calculation and that is the fact that the payment on the building is not included in the operating performance?…if the accounting choices included,paying for the note the real situation is that the Ford Center lost nearly $1.5 million in 2 months and are tracking toward another $9 million annual loss? IS IT TRUE we give five (5) cheers to City Council persons Jonathon Weaver, Justin Elpers, Missy Mosby, Connie Robinson, and Michelle Mercer for not only standing up for the taxpayers of this community but also for the at-risk clients of ECHO Housing?  …we are disappointed in 3rd Ward City Councilman John Hayden, CPA for seemly believing everything told him about the current economic status of ECHO Housing?  …many people sitting in the audience were pleased that his plea asking Council to approve giving ECHO Housing the $500,000 fail deaf ears?  …we are told by people in the know that this could hurt Mr. Haydens chances of being re-elected to his 3rd Ward Council seat? FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

Costa tops coffee chain poll

first_imgCosta Coffee has been voted the best coffee chain by customers who rate its friendly staff and tidy stores more highly than its main rivals.Costa beat Caffè Nero into second place and Starbucks and Coffee Republic, in third and fourth respectively, to the title, as a result of consultancy firm him!’s Coffee Chain Customer Tracking Programme. This asks customers to rate their experience, after visiting a particular branch, on topics such as quality of drinks, choice of food, time spent queuing, atmosphere and overall value for money.Costa scored 9 out of 10 for friendliness of staff, and cleanliness of counters and tables, which helped it take the top spot from the previous year’s winner, Caffè Nero.Will Vernon, Costa’s head of operational skills and brand standards, said he was delighted to have been voted best coffee chain of the year. “We pride ourselves on our customer service and the welcoming store experience we offer our customers.”He said all Costa stores were accredited to strict brand standards and were frequently audited, focusing specifically on coffee excellence, cleanliness and store environment. “Costa relaunched a new service excellence programme last year and had a big push specifically on speed of service, so it is fantastic to receive this kind of recognition from our customers this year,” added Vernon. him! aims to repeat the study in 2009, which is designed to identify sales and profit opportunities for retailers and suppliers.last_img read more

Bolivia Asks Europe to Intercede to Restore Relations with U.S.

first_img On 27 June Bolivian President Evo Morales asked the European ambassadors to his South American country to intercede on behalf of the nation to restore its diplomatic relations with the United States after more than two years of distancing. Morales made the request in the presence of dozens of ambassadors, foreign representatives, and government authorities, at a bill-signing ceremony in the Government Palace, where he confirmed that Bolivia has “every intention of restoring diplomatic relations with the United States.” “Our ambassadors from Europe can help us to recover those diplomatic relations with the United States, but we don’t want any imposition, humiliation, or conditions on the policies we are implementing,” the indigenous president said. Morales, who is continuing a policy of nationalizations in his second term, which began in January 2010, expelled the North American country’s ambassador and its drug-enforcement agents in 2008, accusing them of supporting supposed conspiratorial activities by the conservative opposition. In response, the United States expelled the Bolivian ambassador in Washington, without affecting a number of joint programs. Since then, the relationship between the two countries has been poor, with accusations and doubts raised about government policies on both sides. By Dialogo June 29, 2011 If we have to be harsh with the Bolivia’s government I think this is the right moment. In different opportunities he has indicated that he doesn’t want to be involved with the imperialism, with the DEA, the Yankee army and so on. It seems like the government is very involved with drug trafficking and now, because of that, the only option left is to make up with the USA… It would be terrible if, now that the USA dignity is damage just because we have to continue the government’s game, a government that obliviously is not doing well, the country’s regional neighbors will start moving away. Europe has already noticed that the Indian leader is on the wrong path and that he has alliances with terrorists and drug traffickers. He fell on a net of deception and no one will help him, nor politically neither economically, indeed. He has two options: to declare his errors and clear up his relationships with foreign drug traffickers and move away from the ones on the Middle East. Otherwise, in a few time I do not believe he will no get into a plane and leave the country anymore.last_img read more

6 Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

first_imgHealthLifestyle 6 Symptoms You Should Never Ignore by: – December 5, 2011 One of Men’s Health’s top experts, T.E. Holt, M.D., a physician in North Carolina, tells this story about one of his patients:A man came in, dragged by his daughter because, she explained, he had been steadily losing weight and was covered in big lumps. The lumps had been growing for 2 years, maybe more, she said.I had no doubt, from the moment I saw him, that this man was dying. He had lumps as big as my fist on his forehead and his back, and as I came closer and moved around him, more came into view. When I pressed deeply into his belly, I felt a solid rock where there should have been yielding space.It was metastatic sarcoma, a rare cancer of the connective tissue. Four months later, the man was dead.When it comes to their health, says Dr. Holt, guys are notorious for doing too little, too late. As men, we’re told to play through the pain, tough it out, shake it off, and suck it up. There are a dozen other variations of the same message, and they’re all code for: Ignore your symptoms.And why not? What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, right?Here’s the problem: Things kill us all the time. Even when we’re young. In fact, guys between the ages of 20 and 40 are twice as likely to die as women, says Dr. Holt. Most of us, I’d hope, would call a doctor if we were struck by blinding head pain, suddenly couldn’t feel one side of our body, or, frankly, noticed fist-size bumps emerging from our foreheads. But some symptoms aren’t so obviously dire. We asked writer Allen St. John to put together a list of surprising symptoms you should never ignore. Why? Because your life may literally be hanging in the balance. Call your doctor immediately if you feel . . .1. SEVERE BACK PAINWhat it feels like: Similar to the kind of agony you’d expect if you’d tried to bench press an armoire. The usual remedies—heat, rest, OTC painkillers—offer no relief.What it could be: “If it’s not related to exercise, sudden severe back pain can be the sign of an aneurysm,” says Sigfried Kra, M.D., an associate professor at the Yale school of medicine. Particularly troubling is an abdominal aneurysm, a dangerous weakening of the aorta just above the kidneys. If it bursts, you’ll die within minutes.A less threatening possibility: You have a kidney stone, in which case you’ll only wish you were dead.How to fix it: Aneurysms can be treated with blood-pressure medication or surgery to implant a synthetic graft.NO FLU FOR YOU! Tis the season for coughing, aching, stuffy heads, and fevers. But not for you! Here are easy ways to prevent or treat the cold and flu this winter.2. SUDDEN GROIN PAINWhat it feels like: It’s as if you were kicked below the belt, but the pain is not quite as intense. Sometimes, it’s accompanied by swelling.What it could be: It’s probably testicular torsion. Normally, a man’s testicles are attached to his body in two ways: by the spermatic cords, which run into the abdomen, and by fleshy anchors near the scrotum.But sometimes, in a relatively common congenital defect, these anchors are missing. This allows one of the spermatic cords to get twisted, which cuts off the flow of blood to the testicle. “If you catch it in 4 to 6 hours, you can usually save the testicle,” says Jon Pryor, M.D., a urologist with the University of Minnesota. “But after 12 to 24 hours, you’ll probably lose it.”Another possible cause: an infection of the epididymis, your sperm-storage facility.How to fix it: A surgeon will straighten the cord, and then construct artificial anchors with a few stitches near the scrotum. If it’s just an infection, antibiotics will take care of it quickly.3. SHARP PAIN IN THE ABDOMENWhat it feels like: All the metaphors apply—knife in the gut, bullet in the belly, skewer in the stomach—except this attack is from within.What it could be: Since the area between your ribs and your hips is jam-packed with organs, the pain can be a symptom of either appendicitis, pancreatitis, or an inflamed gallbladder. In all three cases, the cause is the same: Something has blocked up the organ in question, resulting in a potentially fatal infection. How to fix it: If the pain is in your lower-right abdomen and your white-blood-cell count is up, says Dr. Kra, it’s probably appendicitis (out comes the appendix).Pain in your upper abdomen with high white blood cells usually means an inflamed gallbladder (goodbye, gallbladder).And if it hurts below your breastbone and certain enzymes in the blood are elevated, then pancreatitis is probably the culprit. (The pancreas stays, but a gallstone may be blocking things up. If so, the stone and the gallbladder may have to come out.)4. TRANSIENT CHEST PAINWhat it feels like: A heavy ache that comes on suddenly and then goes away just as quickly. Otherwise, you feel fine.What it could be: Maybe indigestion. Or it could be a heart attack. “Even if it’s very short in duration, it can be a sign of something serious,” says John Stamatos, M.D., medical director of North Shore Pain Services in Long Island and author of Painbuster. Here’s how serious: A blood clot may have lodged in a narrowed section of a coronary artery, completely cutting off the flow of blood to one section of your heart.How much wait-and-see time do you have? Really, none. Fifty percent of deaths from heart attacks occur within 3 to 4 hours of the first symptoms. You’re literally living on borrowed time.How to fix it: A blood test checks for markers of damaged heart tissue. Treatment: angioplasty or bypass. Then try any or all of our 100 Ways to Protect Your Heart5. LEG PAIN WITH SWELLINGWhat it feels like: Specifically, one of your calves is killing you. It’s swollen and tender to the touch, and may even feel warm, as if it’s being slow-roasted from the inside out.What it could be: Deep-vein thrombosis, or DVT, which occurs when blood pools in your lower legs and forms a clot. Next thing you know, that clot is big enough to block a vein in your calf, producing pain and swelling.Unfortunately, the first thing you’ll probably want to do—rub your leg—is also the worst thing. “It can send a big clot running up to your lung, where it can kill you,” warns Dr. Stamatos.How to fix it: Doctors will try to dissolve the clot with drugs, or outfit vulnerable veins with filters to stop a clot before it stops you.6. PAINFUL URINATIONWhat it feels like: Relieving yourself has become an exercise in expletives, and your urine has a rusty tint.What it could be: Worst case? Bladder cancer, according to Joseph A. Smith, M.D., chairman of the department of urologic surgery at Vanderbilt University. The pain and the blood in your urine are symptoms of this, the fourth most common cancer in men. Smoking is the biggest risk factor. Catch the disease early, and there’s a 90 percent chance of fixing it. Bladder infections share the same symptoms.How to fix it: Doctors diagnose this by process of elimination. Urinalysis first, to rule out bugs, followed by inserting a scope to look inside the bladder. If you have a tumor, it’ll be treated with surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy.By Bill Phillips and the Editors of Men’s HealthYAHOO News Share Tweet Sharing is caring!center_img 23 Views   no discussions Share Sharelast_img read more

United’s Herrera bid rejected

first_imgAthletic Bilbao have rejected a £28.85million offer from Manchester United for midfielder Ander Herrera, the Primera Division club have announced. United have pushed to bring in Herrera before his transfer fee rises at the end of this month due to the terms of his contract and a deal had been expected to be completed this week. That would have made Herrera United’s first major signing since they confirmed Dutchman Louis van Gaal – currently in charge of Holland at the World Cup – as their new manager, but for the second time in 12 months the Red Devils have not found the transfer straightforward. United had attempted to bring in the former Spain Under-21 international last August but their attempts descended into farce on transfer deadline day. Reports emerged of three people, said to be representing United, managing to get into Spanish league headquarters for discussions about the proposed switch and then leaving an hour later, apparently unable to complete the paperwork required to finalise the deal. It subsequently transpired that United, who dealt directly with Athletic, knew nothing of the trio’s existence. Negotiations between the two clubs collapsed anyway, with then United manager David Moyes believing the buy-out clause in Herrera’s contract was too high. United have now returned for the former Real Zaragoza player, who joined Athletic in 2011, but have been unable to persuade Athletic to part with Herrera yet. United are back in for Herrera having failed to sign the 24-year-old last summer but have seen a fresh bid for the player rebuffed by Athletic this week. An Athletic statement read: “Athletic want to announce that they have this week rejected an offer from Manchester United, of around 36million euros (£28.85million), for the transfer of the economic and federative rights of the player Ander Herrera.” center_img Press Associationlast_img read more

Falcao ready to fire

first_img Press Association Radamel Falcao declared his readiness to fire Manchester United to Champions League qualification this season on the day Louis van Gaal made it clear he felt Danny Welbeck was not good enough for the Red Devils. United pulled off a headline-grabbing coup by recruiting prolific Colombia striker Falcao on transfer deadline day on a season-long loan from Monaco. The 28-year-old missed the end of 2013/14 and the summer’s World Cup after sustaining a serious knee injury in January, but he has been back in action for the French club and his country this term, getting on the scoresheet for the former. “I think that Manchester United are building a big team for this season and the future and I would like to be here and be part of this project,” he said. “I hope to stay for many years and make history at this club.” While Falcao was joining United on deadline day, Welbeck, a product of their youth academy, was moving to Arsenal for a reported £16million. The 23-year-old England forward – scorer of two goals for his country in this week’s Euro 2016 qualifying win in Switzerland – has netted 24 times in the last three seasons for the Red Devils since returning from a loan spell with Sunderland in 2010/11. Van Gaal left no doubt on Thursday that he thinks that is not up to scratch as he drew comparisons with United frontmen Robin van Persie and Wayne Rooney, as well as Falcao. Van Gaal said of Welbeck: “After coming back from Sunderland, he has played three seasons for Manchester United. “But he doesn’t have the record of Van Persie or Rooney, and that is the standard. “That is why we let him go – also because of Falcao, and the youngsters who can fit in.” The decision to sell Welbeck, coupled with an outlay of around £150million on six new players over the summer, has prompted suggestions there is a changing culture at United, moving away from their tradition of youth development. Assistant manger Ryan Giggs has insisted United remain committed to giving youth a chance, though, and Van Gaal on Thursday echoed that sentiment, while also emphasising he has no worries about how he might fit all his players into a coherent system. The Dutchman said: “We brought six players in and we let 14 players go. So fitting in these players is not so difficult I think. “Then, also, we need the youth education, and that is the policy of Manchester United. “We give youth players a chance. The question is if they take the chance. “I am always willing to give young players chances. “The possibility is there, and all the youngsters have to know that.” On Falcao, Van Gaal – who stressed he had not brought the player in due to any notion that Van Persie is a fading force – said: “I don’t have doubts because he is for me one of the best strikers in the world, and when you see his record it is unbelievable. “Today in training he got one ball and it was in the goal. So he confirmed it in his first training session with me. “But when I say this, I put too much pressure on him.” Sunday’s game could also see United bows for summer arrivals Marcos Rojo and Luke Shaw, and a first home appearance for another, Angel di Maria, who the Red Devils – still without a win this season – paid a British record transfer fee for. Talking at his and fellow deadline day recruit Daley Blind’s official United unveiling on Thursday, Falcao moved to alleviate any fears over his physical condition. And, 24 hours on from executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward saying the Old Trafford outfit are budgeting to come at least third in this campaign, the frontman also emphasised his confidence he can help them bounce back from finishing seventh last season with a return to the top four. Asked about his fitness, Falcao – set, along with the versatile Blind, to make his debut in Sunday’s Barclays Premier League home clash with QPR – said: ”I feel well. I started to play two months ago with Monaco and I have improved a lot. ”I have scored goals. I’m confident with my physical condition and I am comfortable with my knee.” He added: “I think I won’t have a problem with adaptation.” And regarding United not being in Europe, he said: ”Every player wants to play in the Champions League, and this year it’s not possible for Manchester United. ”But we are confident we will be able to qualify for next season in the Champions League.” United have the option to buy Falcao after the loan deal ends and he certainly appears keen to commit himself long-term to the club. last_img read more

Martin Wachter – Golden Race – Bridging the gap between the online and offline experience

first_img Golden Race, Gold Sponsor for the upcoming Betting on Sports conference (12-15 September), is a virtual sports provider which creates an authentic sports betting experience that customers can completely control, manage, and deliver to players across retail, online and mobile channels.Less than two weeks before the event, we spoke to Golden Race CEO Martin Wachter about the company’s new mobile product, the complexities in building effective virtual games for mobile, and bridging the gap between the online and offline experience.SBC: Hi Martin, great to catch up. Golden Race’s mobile release is a major development for 2017, can you detail to SBC readers the new features of your product?MW: We released our first mobile application with one of our key clients last year for two special markets, in Kenya and in Nigeria. We have been the first real working mobile application starting with an average of 200,000 tickets per month – now reaching more than 2,000,000 tickets per day in other areas of Africa.This improved navigation will allow for faster browsing and switching between all sports, while the floating video option will enable users to navigate and bet while the video player remains visible.SBC: Why are mobile dynamics so vital to bridging customer dynamics between digital and land-based products?MW: The strongest market for Golden Race is retail, precisely 90% of our business. We didn’t focus too much on the online because we wanted to establish our product and our company first in the retail industry.However, these past two years we have been working very hard on the online with workshops with clients and players in our offices. We needed to know where to get better so that people would also want to play virtual online. Mobile bridges the gap between the real and the digital world.SBC: At present, how do you see virtual sports provisions and services fitting within a more mobile-centric industry; how will your product inventory be served to betting customers?MW: Mobile is the bridge between the online and offline experience. We strongly believe we found the perfect partners, and we are very close to getting certified and licensed in the different markets.The platform, which can be easily integrated into 3rd party betting systems, is compliant with the highest regulatory standards and will deliver the complete mobile experience, including virtual video quality adaptive to a player’s connection.SBC: What are the complexities in building effective mobile virtual games and how does development and delivery of inventory differ to traditional gaming formats? MW: By utilizing our unique know-how in areas like these, I believe we will be able to come up with unique propositions for consumers. For both our new online and mobile solutions, we designed them from the ground up to ensure that the look and feel are completely the same as anything a player would be familiar with from real sports betting, while maintaining the manageability and availability of virtual sports.Players don’t have to learn anything with our new online. The look and feel is identical to real sports betting, and they can play from their mobile, tablet, or desktop – it’s the same authentic betting experience, wherever they are.SBC: Still in its initial stage, how do you see your product growing in the coming months?MW: After being the market leaders in the retail market, I think that in two years we will also take over the market on the online. That’s our goal. Share Kenya Finance Bill carries tax rescind waiting on Kenyatta approval  June 25, 2020 BtoBet refines African SMS payment options with Tola Mobile  August 20, 2020 Share StumbleUpon Related Articles Submit The industry wakes up to virtual sports potential June 26, 2020last_img read more

Checkpoints in the Florida Keys removed

first_imgIf you have been itching to for a trip down to the Florida Keys, here’s your chance.Officials in Monroe County have reopened the area to nonresidents.The two barriers blocking others from entering the area were removed on Sunday and hotel and lodging establishments were given the go-ahead to start accepting reservations starting Monday.While the Keys are now welcoming nonresidents, officials say that everyone will still have to abide by social distancing rules.This includes wearing a facemask in public areas and keeping a distance of 6-feet away from others.last_img read more

Sen. Kyrillos Bill Allows Investing in NJ Based Start-ups And Innovators

first_imgLegislation that will allow New Jersey residents to invest in New Jersey based companies, startups, innovators and entrepreneurs was signed into law Nov. 9th.The law was originally introduced in 2013 by Senator Joe Kyrillos. It will allow people to engage in online crowdfunding within the state and allows New Jersey-based entrepreneurs to seek up to $1 million in private investment in increments of up to $5,000 from unaccredited investors residing in New Jersey without costing taxpayers extra money.Crowdfunding is a way to fund projects by collecting small amounts of money from a large amount of people. Popular crowdfunding sites are Kickstarter, GoFundMe, and indiegogo.“At a time when conventional sources of financing are scarce, this new law will help New Jersey’s innovators seek private capital from the investing public to develop their products or services right here in our state,” said Kyrillos.“Crowdfunding will level the playing field for future employers, giving those without access to Wall Street a chance to gain startup capital quickly and grow their business with the support of the community.”Senator Kyrillos explained that more than 90 percent of New Jersey employers are small businesses owners, which accounts for more than half of the state’s private-sector workforce.“We grow jobs and opportunities for people here by eliminating opportunity-crushing regulations and antiquated roadblocks to ingenuity and economic revitalization principally driven by our state’s small businesses,” Kyrillos said. “Unaccredited investors have always been able to risk capital in the public markets and now they can as well in private companies, small businesses, and entrepreneurial start-ups.”The law, formerly S-712/A-2073, gathered bipartisan sponsorship from Senate Democrats Cruz-Perez and Lesniak, as well as Assembly Democrats Angel Fuentes and Upendra Chivukula.This legislation is part of the Senate Republican’s 36-bill package that was designed to jumpstart job creation and economic growth without costing taxpayers extra money. So far, 15 of the bills have garnered Senate Democrat sponsorship; 12 have garnered Assembly Democrat sponsorship; the Senate has advanced or fully passed 11 of them and the Assembly has advanced or passed a number of them as well.last_img read more

DDTV: Donegal Derry Vipers crowned Champions of American Football League!

first_imgIn what was touted to be the closest IAFL2 final ever and with both teams meeting with an unblemished record of 6-0 it was always expected to go down to the wire… and it did exactly that.With 26 seconds of play left, the Vipers made a game-winning touchdown!  The two teams squared off in Westsmantown Youth RFC in Dublin, in the prestige game in IAFL2, having dispatched the other teams in the division all season. It was the perfect final and it was much debated as to who would be victorious.The Vipers opened the game well and after a strong Vipers drive which utilised its Running-Backs Derm Brown and Cathal Curran the Vipers scored first. A 20 yard pass from QB Daniel Mullan to Wide Receiver Ryan Brolly set the tone for what would be the most fiercely fought game in IAFL2 history. (Vipers 6 – 0 Eagles)Donegal Derry VipersThe Eagles fought back almost immediate when Craig Broome opened The Eagles scoring with a TD and with the converted kick by Terry Carey The Eagles were 1 point ahead. Talented young QB Sam Doran then went on a mazy run and scored again for the Wexford men. Careys PAT was converted (Vipers 6 – 14 Eagles) The EaglesIn a game that would see the lead change hands several time The Vipers fought back and with another terrific combination from QB Mullan and WR Brolly, the Vipers made it a one point game.The two teams had matched each other blow for blow and both defenses had their moments. It was a brutal game that saw tough tackling Vipers Line-backers, Niall Lyons and Kyle McAneny, attended to by medical staff before patching themselves up and returning to the field. The Vipers lost the impressive back field paring of Derm Brown and Cathal Curran during the half and with injuries on both sides, the game was turning into a war.Huge tackles by both teams including outstanding stops by Paddy Maguire, Eamonn Quinn and Corey McKenna for The Vipers saw the game tighten up as both defensive outfits worked tremendously hard to stop both the pass and the run game. But before the half ended there would be two more scores. FB Liam McLaughlin ran in a TD from 1 yard out to put the Eagles up by 8, which was closely followed by a Vipers TD from QB Mullan who ran it in just before the half ended. (Vipers 19 – 21 Eagles)Half time was filled with tension as both teams joined the sidelines. A rousing speech from the Head Coach Jason Brock and the injured RB Curran settled nerves for The Vipers as they prepared to go again. The Vipers defense came out swinging and stopped The Eagles quickly with some excellent work and key tackles from Pete Farrell, Chris Moran and Richard Meenan.The Vipers offense had the ball again and with the strong running power of Tight-Ends Chris Tinney and Thomas Comiskey The Vipers marched up the field. Centre Barry o’Kane set the pace for the Red & Gold and flanked by his Offensive linemen allowed QB Mullan to play his game. Mullan ran in his 2nd TD of the game and The Vipers regained the lead as Kicker Gary Mellys PAT put The Vipers up by 5 (Vipers 26 – 21 Eagles)The game was close as both teams bedded in for the most of the 3rd and 4th quarter. A missed FG by The Eagles and a fumble recovery by Vipers defensive Lineman David Holden meant that with just 3 mins left on the clock The Vipers were in the driving seat. But The Eagles had other ideas.After marching down the field, a 3 yard pass by Eagles QB Sam Doran saw Darren Greene catch the ball and send The Eagles sideline wild. Kicker Carey caught a play action pass from Doran for a 2 point conversion and with just 2 mins left on the clock The Vipers were down by 3. (Vipers 26 – 29 Eagles) As the Red & Gold offense entered the field the tension was audible. Having never been behind in a game all season they were now 3 points down with less and 2 minutes to go against a team who, also had never lost a game. If they could get within field goal range they could tie the game and send it into Over-Time but a touchdown would surely seal the win.A short drive with some intelligent plays to the sideline saw The Vipers reach FG range with around 50 secs on the clock, the clock continued to count down as The Vipers offensive huddle broke for 1 last time this season and as the offensive line held back a defensive onslaught Mullan was able to launch the ball to Brolly and in double coverage the wide receiver leaped in the air to catch the ball in The Eagles EndZone.Melly again scored the PAT and with just 20 seconds left the Vipers took the lead. The clock ran down and as the Eagles received the ball from Kick off the whistle blew.The Donegal Derry Vipers were IAFL2 Champions with a 33 – 29 win over The Wexford Eagles. It is a final being talk about across Ireland, but the Championship belongs to The Donegal Derry Vipers. 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