Skullduggery ongoing at the GGMC

first_imgDear Editor,There is a deliberate attempt by some members of the GGMC to silence me for exposing their corrupt practices. I drew this conclusion from how the Commission addresses matters that are of concern to me in my individual capacity, or when I stand as a representative of the group of bona fide residents of Kurupung.I came to this realization during a meeting which was organized by the commissioner to address all matters of concern to me within his organization. At that forum, only one matter came up for discussion — the issue of a missing claim file.The matter that was chosen for discussion was serving some members of the commission’s interest, because they are bent on covering up the atrocities of their colleagues.They were being selective in giving answers, rather than bringing a resolution to all matters affecting me. At that meeting, I requested an investigation into a missing claim file after I was led to believe by a senior staff that there were two of the same files for me in the system, when in fact there is only one. This was a mistake made by the cashier on my claim licence application receipt.In attempting to make the correction, a senior mines officer related there’s no issue with having more than one claim with the same name, because the serial/HO numbers are unique. The missing claim file issue was reported in a letter dated August 14, 2017.If the commissioner had chosen the letter addressed to him two days prior to the August 14, 2017 letter, he would have been able to touch on critical issues which are beneficial to me and the bona fide residents of Kurupung.It seems as though those issues were too sensitive for discussion, and would only lead to more cover-ups. There are numerous letters that were written to be addressed by the commissioner (ag) and his predecessor, which they both stubbornly refused to address. Two of those letters were sent by our then lawyer, now Minister Mr. Joseph Harmon, in January and February, 2014.Four years have since passed and the Commission is yet to respond to those two letters. I had followed up with several letters of my own, reiterating my request for an investigation into those matters of our concern as a bona fide resident of Kurupung, and in my individual capacity. Most of the requests made went unanswered.The few that were attempted by the commission were deliberately prepared with inaccurate information and yielded no result.At commencement of the last meeting, the commissioner decided to release some of his pent-up energy by telling me that I took my stories to all heights and lengths to state that he has been covering up corruption and this is the last time he’s going to address my situation; and if I am not satisfied, I could take the matter to the court.He then opened the floor to his colleagues, which comprised three heads of department.In my opinion, the ulterior motive of the meeting was clearly demonstrated, and that was to BLAME and SHAME me in order to SILENCE me for my reporting, and the request for answers to those atrocities which are taking place under his watch.I also thought the commissioner had a greater amount of stored energy to exhale at the end of the meeting, from the level of energy I felt every time I was interrupted during the course of the meeting. When it was discovered by me that the mistake had actually come from the cashier’s department, the atmosphere in the room changed, and the interruption became more frequent. I was unable to express myself due to the frequent interruption from members of the group before the commissioner brought the meeting to an abrupt end.At the conclusion of the meeting, the commissioner had changed from his initial stand of his last hearing on the matter, to a two-week ultimatum to produce relative documents to support my case, or he would strike out the matter that was in front of him.I welcome the new normal/beginning by the commissioner on the time limit into dealing with matters, if it is across-the-board and is not conveniently used to his advantage. Although I had supplied the relevant information to the commissioner before the allotted time, his response is still not forthcoming.I left the meeting with a stronger sense of a cover-up by some officials of the high echelons of the GGMC.I have many reasons to believe that the situation is worse than I previously thought. I do hope my speculations are wrong.Sincerely,Suffering minerlast_img read more

Contend or rebuild? Under Zaidi, Giants may opt for rare strategy

first_imgSAN FRANCISCO–Major League Baseball’s best teams have it all.Star players, wunderkind executives, and in many cases, dejected division rivals to pad their stats against.The San Francisco Giants, as currently constructed, are not one of baseball’s best teams. But in a sports landscape increasingly tolerant of tanking and rebuilding –of losing it all to gain it all back– the Giants don’t appear incentivized to lose 100 games.Under new president of baseball operations Farhan Zaidi, the Giants …last_img read more

Misuse of Term ‘Natural Selection’ Continues

first_imgIf humans guide a process, that is not natural selection. Darwin’s idea had nothing to do with intention or morality.Is it the reporters or the scientists at the University of Colorado who don’t get Darwin? A press release titled “‘‘Natural selection’ could lead to amazing new materials” gets evolutionary theory all wrong.The researchers propose a setup that uses a well-known ion-conducting material, silver iodide, as a test case to prove their principle. And what better way than to take cues from nature? They’re calling their method “natural selection” for materials. Instead of starting with a known compound and trying to optimize its properties, they will use fundamental physical properties required for a specific application to guide and select for the synthetic conditions, and the resulting materials. That way, only those materials that behave in the desired way will form.Natural selection knows nothing about methods, optimization, or guidance. In essence, the researchers rigged the process. It doesn’t matter if there is some randomness thrown in; if the team guided and selected the outcome in any way, it is not “natural selection,” but rather artificial selection – a synonym for intelligent design. The misuse of the term has the effect of giving Darwinism credit for something it didn’t do.A less obvious misuse of “natural selection” can be found in this article at the BBC News, “Are humans driving evolution in animals?” The only way to make sense of the hypothesis that humans are “driving” evolution in keeping with Darwin’s hypothesis is to treat humans like unguided, mindless products of evolution themselves. If said humans are exercising their minds and making choices, natural selection has nothing to do with it. It becomes a matter of morality or poor stewardship of nature.Are humans inadvertently driving evolution in other species? Mounting evidence suggests activities such as commercial fishing, angling and hunting, along with the use of pesticides and antibiotics, are leading to dramatic evolutionary changes.Even if there are unintended consequences to human actions, this is still not ‘natural’ selection in the Darwinian sense. Otherwise, nobody could complain about what humans are doing. Yet the article is worried about human activity. This article also flagrantly confuses natural and artificial selection:The intentional selection of the qualities we like (such as flavour and size) in domesticated livestock and cultivated crops has led to descendent animals and plants that differ genetically from their ancestors. This change in gene frequency is evolution, and in this case has come about by a process called artificial selection.Natural selection is basically the same process. The difference is that instead of humans selecting individuals to breed, natural selection pressures such as predation, or the reluctance of females to mate with lower quality males, cause some individuals in a population to prosper and produce offspring while others fare poorly, leaving fewer offspring.But artificial selection is the polar opposite of natural selection. Artificial selection involves choice, goals, and intelligent design. Natural selection is not “basically the same process.” Nor is there any “logic” to natural selection:Not all human selection pressures are as intentional as those imposed by plant and animal breeders. Recent research is revealing that many of our activities exert significant unintentional selection on organisms. Such “unnatural selection”, as it has been termed, is causing evolution in those populations as the inevitable logic of Darwinian selection kicks in.Ascribing logic to Darwinian selection is like calling “stuff happens” a scientific explanation, because a “change in gene frequency” is simply that. It could be a change up or down or sideways. Stuff happens. Nor is natural selection a “pressure.” It’s a mindless nub in a pinball game that cares nothing about what happens, nor can it make anything happen. (See 10/03/15 about the vacuous nature of ‘natural selection’ as a scientific explanation.)You can’t pay a debt to Darwin if he never gave you something:It seems that virtually everything we do can have an accidental evolutionary consequence and scientists are already devising evolutionarily sustainable management plans for harvested resources.This is just as well, because if we aren’t prudent in managing our unnatural selection pressures we will be paying a “Darwinian debt” for generations to come.“Evolutionarily sustainable managment plan” is symptomatic of acute sophoxymoronia. Clearly the authors of this piece are worried about human choices, and think we need to “manage” and “plan” our activities to prevent “imprudent” consequences. Consistent Darwinian thinking would call all of that worry nonsense. Evolution is what evolution does. Whether things end up living or dying, that’s the way of evolution. No amount of Darwinese can change that.There can only be progress in the creation-evolution debate if there is clarity on the meanings of terms. When the advocates of evolution don’t even understand their own theory, valuable time is wasted getting the semantics right before anyone can have a rational discussion about the merits of the case. It’s like trying to have an argument with Lewis Carroll about the jabberwock. To what is the speaker referring? Evolutionists sneak in intelligent design and morality terms where they don’t belong. Their equivocation confuses the debate, throwing fogma into the arena and letting them get away with sleight of mind in the Darwin theater.We call this trick jargonwocky. Our demonstration from 1/26/10 bears repeating:In the land of Jargonwocky, a scientist named Niwrad came up with a theory of everything he called Galumph. With frabjous joy, he investigated all the creatures of the borogoves with his apprentice, Ecallaw. He found that the Jubjub birds had round eyes and the mome raths, though similar, have square eyes. That’s because of Galumph, he explained. The Bandersnatch and Jabberwock, though looking very different, both have round eyes. “Galumph triumphs again!” Niwrad chortled. “But how can that be?” burbled Ecallaw with uffish look. “They are so very different in other respects.” “Callooh! Callay!” exclaimed Niwrad frumiously. “’Tis only to demonstrate the power of Galumph. The former is a case of Parallel Galumph. This one, a case of Convergent Galumph. Do you see? Galumph explains all. We must away and tell Yelxuh, our mimsy publicist, to announce our scientific triumph to the townspeople! We have slain the mystery of Jabberwock with Galumph. Galumph has wiped the brillig from our slithy toves, and given us Enlightenment!”If you are thoroughly confused by that paragraph, you got the point.(Visited 231 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Fighting Banyana lose Olympic opener

first_img26 July 2012A second half wonder-goal from Portia Modise wasn’t enough to stop South Africa’s women’s football team, Banyana Banyana, going down 4-1 to fourth-ranked Sweden in their opening match of the 2012 Olympic Games on Wednesday.After going into halftime 3-0 down at the City of Coventry Stadium, many thought it was all over bar the shouting for Banyana’s opening Group F game.But Modise, not nicknamed “Bashin” for nothing, clearly had second thoughts as she latched onto a ball just inside the Swedish half in the 60th minute and bashed a blaster past a stunned goalkeeper.It was from 45 metres out, and the Swedes stood nonplussed as the ball scorched home.Banyana will now be down but not out after a plucky performance against the world’s fourth ranked side.They’re only ranked 61st and could have gone down by a lot more, but credit to coach Joseph Mkhonza and captain Amanda Dlamini they refused to lie down.The first goal came in the seventh minute after a wicked deflection. Then two goals in the space of two minutes underlined the Swedish domination.South Africa weren’t without fight though, and Modise and Janine van Wyk both went close.After Modise’s super-strike, it wasn’t long however before Lotta Schelin scored her second goal to take the margin back to three goals.Some had predicted a thrashing for Banyana, but this result will give them some hope, especially after a second half in which they shared the spoils when it came to goals.Match statistics said that Banyana had 43% of possession compared to 57% of the Swedes, but when it came to heart they gave their all.And that will be key to Team South Africa’s hopes as the Games get going on Friday.Next up for Banyana are seventh-ranked Canada in Coventry on Saturday, and then their biggest test of all, against world champions Japan in Cardiff on Monday.Source: South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committeelast_img read more

Volunteers play their part at Ethembeni

first_imgVolunteers have a big role in helping Ethembeni Children’s Home care for children infected with or affected by HIV/Aids. The Go The Extra Mile campaign makes it even easier for them to get involved.Founded by The Salvation Army in 1995, Ethembeni Children’s Home in Doornfontein, Johannesburg, is a refuge for children from in and around the inner city. (Image: Mathiba MolefeMathiba MolefeIn the heart of Johannesburg’s bustling inner city lies a sanctuary for children either infected with or affected by HIV/Aids. It is a place where those left destitute by the endemic find refuge, a place that was fittingly named Ethembeni, meaning “place of hope” in isiXhosa.Volunteers, many of whom are part of the Go the Extra Mile (GEM) campaign, visit the safe haven weekly, as they did on the weekend of 8 and 9 April. Ethembeni is in Doornfontein on the eastern edge of the CBD.The group of volunteers arrived early in the morning, bright-eyed and ready to get stuck into their work helping the nurses and other staff at the home. When they weren’t busy spending quality time with the children, either playing games or feeding them, the volunteers also lent a hand in the general upkeep of the home and its facilities.“It’s nice to know that there are people out there who are willing to take the time to come and help out here at the home,” said Lucia Ntombela, the site manager at Ethembeni. “Nowadays people don’t have much time; people are busy. For them to take that hour or two hours to come and volunteer knowing that you won’t get paid. I really admire them.“It’s really beautiful to see, and we have a lot of people to thank for helping us.”Founded by The Salvation Army in 1995, Ethembeni now serves as a home to nearly 60 children from in and around Johannesburg’s inner city.“Some of the children arrive here and it’s difficult for them to smile. But as time goes on they slowly open up and start smiling again,” she said.It is a place where those left destitute by the endemic find refuge, a place that was fittingly named Ethembeni, meaning “place of hope” in isiXhosa. (Image: Mathiba Molefe)Go the Extra MileGEM is a social development drive that was created to get people actively involved in the development of organisations and initiatives that aim to improve people’s lives, such as Ethembeni.By rewarding volunteers for their involvement, GEM hopes the incentive will drive more and more people to take ownership of the societies they live in and take a more hands-on approach to improving them.“We receive incentives and rewards for so many things, such as shopping at a certain place, or flying a certain airline,” explained Camilo Ramada, co-founder of GEM with David Shields.“Why then not offer incentives for the really important things, such as taking care of babies, helping to paint a school, working in a community garden, making food for the homeless, or cleaning-up neighbourhoods?”Encouraging active citizenship among people in South Africa is one of Play Your Part’s key objectives and partnering and supporting initiatives such as GEM is part of the effort to do just that.Volunteers can select one or more of the campaigns listed in the app’s database. Once the good deed is done, they receive a reward via the app, called a GEM.These GEMs can be redeemed for a range of products such as airtime, data, pre-paid electricity or movie tickets.Get involvedFor more information on how to get involved in your community and to keep track of the activities in and around your area, visit GEM’s website or download the application.Go out and take action, get actively involved in turning South Africa into a better place for all who call it home.last_img read more

Young gymnast captures PH’s fifth gold medal

first_imgMOST READ LIST: Class, gov’t work suspensions during 30th SEA Games Brace for potentially devastating typhoon approaching PH – NDRRMC Read Next Kaitlin de Guzman of the Philippines competes in uneven bars category of women’s artistic gymnastics competition of the 29th Southeast Asian Games Tuesday at the Malaysia Trade and Exhibition Center in Kuala Lumpur. / CONTRIBUTED PHOTO/SEA GAMES POOLKUALA LUMPUR — Kaitlin de Guzman nailed the gold medal in gymnastics women’s artistic uneven bars Tuesday for the Philippines’ second triumph of the day in the Southeast Asian Games.The 17-year-old De Guzman, daughter of former SEA Games champion Cintamoni Dela Cruz, garnered 12.875 points in her routine to bag the top honors.ADVERTISEMENT WATCH: Streetboys show off slick dance moves in Vhong Navarro’s wedding She bested Malaysia’s Tracie Ang who had 12.550 and Indonesia’s Rifda Iranalithfi who scored 12.075.De Guzman is competing in two more events including her favorite floor exercise.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSWATCH: Drones light up sky in final leg of SEA Games torch runSPORTSSEA Games: Philippines picks up 1st win in men’s water poloSPORTSMalditas save PH from shutout LATEST STORIES Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. View comments Catriona Gray spends Thanksgiving by preparing meals for people with illnesses SEA Games: PH’s Alisson Perticheto tops ice skating short program Gymnast captures Philippines’ 4th gold in SEA Games Trending Articles PLAY LIST 00:50Trending Articles01:35Panelo suggests discounted SEA Games tickets for students02:49World-class track facilities installed at NCC for SEA Games03:07PH billiards team upbeat about gold medal chances in SEA Games05:25PH boxing team determined to deliver gold medals for PH03:04Filipino athletes share their expectations for 2019 SEA Games00:45Onyok Velasco see bright future for PH boxing in Olympics02:25PH women’s volleyball team motivated to deliver in front of hometown crowd01:27Filipino athletes get grand send-off ahead of SEA Games SEA Games in Calabarzon safe, secure – Solcom chief UPLB exempted from SEA Games class suspension LOOK: Venues for 2019 SEA Gameslast_img read more

BW LPG Seals USD 150 Million Refinancing Deal

first_imgzoom Owner and operator of LPG carriers BW LPG Limited has signed a USD 150 million loan agreement with a syndicate of lenders aimed at refinancing its revolving facility maturing in March 2018.Back in November, the company said that it had received a commitment term sheet for the loan which will be used to refinance its existing USD 150 million unsecured revolving credit facility.The 5-year refinancing deal has been secured with ING Bank, a branch of ING-DiBa AG, Danish Ship Finance A/S, Development Bank of Japan Inc, Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited and Societe Generale as mandated lead arrangers and lenders.The all-in cost for this financing is LIBOR plus 1.7 percent, with an 8-year amortization profile. “We are extremely pleased with the strong support we have received from our existing lenders and have added new lenders to our banking group with this financing,” BW LPG Chief Executive Officer, Martin Ackermann, said.“Successfully refinancing our revolving credit facility demonstrates the ability of the BW LPG platform to obtain market-leading financing. With this new facility in place, we have enhanced our financial flexibility and continue to keep our financing costs low.”The refinancing agreement comes in the wake of the company’s third-quarter loss after tax of USD 26 million.The poor performance was primarily assigned to a decline in LPG spot rates and lower fleet utilization.BW LPG currently owns and operates 53 gas carriers including two VLGC newbuildings with a total carrying capacity of 4.3 million cbm.last_img read more

Eva was bullied on sets of Desperate Housewives

first_imgLos Angeles: Actress Eva Longoria says Felicity Huffman helped her survive bullying on the sets of ‘Desperate Housewives’. Longoria, who played Gabrielle Solis in the series, looked back at the time when Huffman stood up for her when she was bullied at work as she wrote a letter to support Huffman amid the US college admissions scandal, reports “Felicity was the first one to take me under her wing. From the first table read of the script, she noticed me sitting alone, scared and unsure of where to and what to do. Her gentle character and kind heart immediately opened up to me. She approached me, introduced herself and said, ‘Don’t be scared, we will get through this together’, as she sat down beside me and never left my side since that day.” Also Read – I have personal ambitions now: Priyanka”I dreaded the days I had to work with that person (I was being bullied by) because it was pure torture,” said the actress, without naming the bully. Huffman starred as Lynette Scavo in ‘Desperate Housewives’.Longoria continued: “Until one day, Felicity told the bully ‘enough’ and it all stopped. Felicity could feel that I was riddled with anxiety even though I never complained or mentioned the abuse to anyone. I know I would not have survived those 10 years if it wasn’t for the friendship of Felicity.” Also Read – Salman Khan remembers actor Vinod KhannaLongoria made the revelation in a letter she penned to the judge as part of the case to secure Huffman a lower sentence after she admitted to paying money to a scheme to secure a top university spot for her daughter. Longoria also claimed that she was the “lowest paid actor” on ‘Desperate Housewives’, and Huffman supported her during the contract negotiations. “That did not go over too well with the others. But Felicity stood up for me, saying it was fair because the success of the show depended on all of us, not one of us.”last_img read more

What to Watch For in the NBA Finals

For all the talk this season about conference imbalance in the NBA and the inequity of its playoff structure, things seemed to have worked out just fine. Measured by point differential, we’ve ended up with the best teams from the Eastern and Western Conferences in the finals, and fans everywhere get the chance to watch a rarity in pro basketball: an NBA Finals rematch.Who’s going to win? The old adage is that defense wins championships, but this matchup is all about the offenses.The San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat have had the two best offenses in these playoffs and, surprisingly, both have been more efficient than they were in the regular season. Their offensive systems are different, but they have the same basic goal: Create good shots. With that in mind, here are some things to watch for:Spurs movementIn April, a study by two members of the Harvard Sports Analysis Collective found that, after controlling for time of possession, the Spurs’ offense had more movement and more passing than any other offense in the league, and by a wide margin. Indeed, according to the NBA’s SportVU Player Tracking Statistics, the Spurs’ offense has featured more movement during the playoffs than the other three conference finalists.Movement Per Minute of PossessionPassing and ball movement are not perfect proxies for offensive effectiveness, but in the Spurs’ case, they are symptomatic of an offense that is working well. San Antonio doesn’t have any player as individually brilliant as Miami’s LeBron James to consistently pull good shots out of thin air, so the Spurs rely on their collaborative system. The distance traveled is of particular importance. On average, the five players on the floor for the Spurs cumulatively travel nearly 500 feet farther per minute of possession than the players for the Heat. That’s 500 extra feet of screening, rolling and cutting, searching for seams in the defense and open space on the perimeter.The Heat’s defense plays at a frenetic pace, aggressively trapping pick-and-roll ball-handlers and flying around the perimeter in a series of rotations to cover shooters. It can be devastating when done well, but the Spurs are uniquely suited to turn this aggression against the Heat.Shot selectionWhile a key indicator of the Spurs’ offensive health is the movement and passing they use to create shots, the key for the Heat is simply the location of their shots.The Heat spent most of the past two weeks burying the Pacers with 3-pointers. These outside shots buoy Miami’s offensive efficiency, but the Heat’s 3-point shooting is also a reflection of how easily James, Dwyane Wade and the Heat’s other ball-handlers get into the lane and collapse the opponent’s defense.In his NBA Finals’ preview at Grantland, Zach Lowe pointed out some of the methods the Spurs used to defend the Heat in last year’s playoffs, and how they resulted in a slew of mid-range jump shots. If we look at the breakdown of the Heat’s true shot attempts (which includes field goal attempts and trips to the free-throw line) we can see just how far last year’s pattern was from what the Heat have just done.Miami Heat Shot SelectionFor the Heat, 3-point attempts are tied to their ability to get inside the defense. James, Wade, Norris Cole and Mario Chalmers were able to get into the lane with ease against the Pacers in the Eastern Conference finals, and the result was that nearly 30 percent of Miami’s true shot attempts in that series were 3-pointers (which they made at an obscene 40.8 percent clip).In last year’s finals, however, by walling off the paint and offering up mid-range jump shots to the Heat, the Spurs were able to keep them away from the rim, off the free-throw line and inside the 3-point line. The Heat will surely have some adjustments ready this year, and we should be able to tell a lot about how they are working just by looking at the locations of their shots.LineupsThe offensive systems each team employs to create good shots revolve around lineups. The Heat would prefer to play small, arraying three and sometimes four shooters around James. The Pacers were loathe to change gears and try to match up with them, but the Spurs may be more willing. They have more depth than any of the teams the Heat have played in these playoffs, and San Antonio is much more comfortable using that depth in a variety of arrangements.A big issue in last season’s finals’ matchup was the way the Heat’s small lineups forced the Spurs to separate Tiago Splitter and Tim Duncan. The Spurs used that pairing for about 20 percent of their regular-season minutes, then just over 11 percent in the finals. But Spurs’ coach Gregg Popovich has been more aggressive this season about experimenting with different lineups.It is tricky to parse statistics for the Spurs between big and small lineups because of the big and small skill set of Boris Diaw. When he’s playing power forward for the Spurs, the “big” or “small” nature of the lineup depends on the matchups and what he’s being asked to do. But having him on the floor allows the Spurs to have their cake and eat it, too.Back to the NBA’s SportVU Player Tracking Statistics: Diaw was third on the team in touches per game, at 49.2, during the regular season. While Diaw is capable of scoring in a variety of ways, he averaged just 9.1 points per game because his role in the Spurs’ offense often called for him to be a facilitator. He averaged 38.9 passes per game; about 79 percent of his touches involved moving the ball to another player. This usually worked out well for the Spurs, as Diaw is among the best big man passers in the game. His assists created an additional 6.7 points per game for the Spurs during the regular season.In the Spurs’ Game 6 victory to close out the Oklahoma City Thunder, Diaw saw a lot of extra touches by virtue of playing some extra minutes, but it was what he did with those touches that made the difference.The Boris Diaw StoryIn Game 6, Diaw’s touches accumulated nearly 50 percent more points for the Spurs than they did during the regular season or in the series to this point. This increased output from Diaw was needed, with the Spurs struggling to hit 3-pointers and Tony Parker sitting out the second half with an ankle injury.Diaw’s ability to shift between big and small defensive assignments, and scoring and facilitating roles on offense, may allow the Spurs to sidestep a lot of the matchup land mines the Heat have waiting for them.MarginsThese teams are incredibly talented, well-coached and, ultimately, evenly matched. Each has a series of counters available for every obvious advantage the other will try to exploit. That’s why this series will be won at the margins and in the minutiae. Little things — the Spurs forcing the Heat to make one extra defensive rotation, the Heat getting the ball to a 3-point shooter instead of settling for a seemingly open jump shot around the free-throw line, and the tiny in-game matchups that shift the rotations — will be the deciding battles. read more

With 2 OSU Dline starters out in Fiesta Bowl Joey Bosa to

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly was hoping to strike a deal with Urban Meyer about where Ohio State junior defensive end Joey Bosa would line up Friday when the two teams square off in the Fiesta Bowl. The Buckeyes are missing both their starters at defensive tackle, which has given birth to the possibility of Bosa spending more snaps at the interior spots, rather than his usual place at the end. “If (Bosa) comes inside, that would be awesome,” Kelly said. “If we could make an agreement before the game that he was going to play the 3-technique then we would be very happy.”Kelly said he asked Meyer about inking such an agreement, and he got the kind of response many would predict.“He was noncommittal,” Kelly said, laughing, of Meyer’s response to his proposition. But about 45 minutes later, while addressing the media to kick off OSU’s media day, Meyer offered a more concrete answer to Kelly’s inquiry.Meyer was rattling off some of the names of some relatively unknown players expected to fill in for injured senior Tommy Schutt and suspended senior Adolphus Washington, such as sophomore Michael Hill and redshirt sophomore Tracy Sprinkle, before mentioning a more well-known guy.“Then, obviously, Joey Bosa will be playing some on the inside,” Meyer said. Based off that, Kelly, it appears, will be getting his wish. Exactly how much time Bosa spends there is unclear, but regardless, whenever the two-time All-American slides inside, Kelly will be happy.Bosa, though, doesn’t understand exactly why the coach feels that way. “I don’t know,” Bosa said, chuckling. “I have no idea because I think 3-technique is easier, honestly, to be disruptive.” The occasional migration to playing defensive tackle is something Bosa has done before this season, but mainly on third-down passing situations. But with Washington and Schutt sidelined, he will likely be there in scenarios outside of the previously mentioned one. “It’s nothing completely new,” Bosa said. There are similarities between his familiar role as a 4- and 5-technique end, Bosa explained, but the main differences are in the run fits and the size of pass-rush lanes. Bosa said he likes being on the inside because he can, usually, rush the passer on both sides of his blocker, rather than being on the outside where he typically tries to beat the tackle on the edge.As for why Kelly might want him on the inside, Bosa later suggested he thinks the coach might find it easier to double team him that way. That is nothing new to the Fort Lauderdale, Florida, native, though, as he has faced a barrage of blocking combinations this year attempting to slow him down. “Something that’s not going to go away,” Bosa said. Regardless of which technique Bosa plays, he said he knows it will be a challenge against the Notre Dame offensive line, as he called it “one of the best, if not the best, we’ve played this year.”That unit is led by senior left tackle Ronnie Stanley, who many consider to be a sure-fire first-round pick in the upcoming NFL draft. Bosa said the opportunity to go up against fellow elite talent is something he values highly, and Stanley fits that bill. The 6-foot-5, 315-pound Stanley echoed Bosa’s view. “I mean, if you want to be the best you’ve got to go up against the best,” Stanley said. “We’re both really good at our positions. I’m sure we’re both really excited to go up against each other. “That’s what competitors want to do.” Guard Quenton Nelson said the Fighting Irish aren’t going to change what they have been doing all season just because they’re playing against Bosa. The redshirt freshman labeled him an “incredible player,” but Nelson said Notre Dame will stick with its base concepts to try and impede Bosa. Those concepts include frequent double-teams of opposing defensive ends, which the team used against Texas and Virginia, Nelson said. But, Nelson added, the Fighting Irish trust the ability of their own players to match up one-on-one with the opposition. That means Stanley and Bosa, two first-round talents, might go mano-a-mano during the Fiesta Bowl. “I’m sure that’s going to happen,” Stanley said, cracking a smile.Junior right tackle Mike McGlinchey said no matter what Bosa is doing and where he’s doing it, the talent around No. 97 poses a difficult task for the offensive line, even with Washington and Schutt out of the lineup. “They’re all good players, I mean Ohio State is stacked,” McGlinchey said. “There is not much letdown.” Which is why Bosa said he doesn’t feel too much added pressure from losing two starters. All season long, he said, Sprinkle and Hill, as well as redshirt senior Joel Hale and sophomore Donovan Munger, have had the reps in practice to prepare them for this moment. “We all trust them,” Bosa said, “to go in there and do their job.”   As for Bosa, who is potentially playing his final game in scarlet and gray, he will likely keep doing the job he’s been doing so well since arriving in Columbus. Kelly might be so optimistic about Bosa playing inside because he doesn’t have to block him. But McGlinchey, who does have to block him, said he knows Bosa will be effective wherever he plays. “No matter where he plays we’re going to be accounting for him,” McGlinchey said. Although Kelly’s wish might come true, Bosa said he thinks Kelly might be selling his ability on the inside short. “Yeah,” Bosa said, squeaking out a smile, “a little bit.” OSU players and coach Urban Meyer addressed the media about the upcoming BattleFrog Fiesta Bowl on Dec. 30th in Phoenix, Arizona. Photo Credit: Samantha Hollingshead | Photo Editor read more