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Watch Greensky Bluegrass’s Paul Hoffman Join The Wood Brothers At Blue Ox Fest

first_imgLast weekend, bluegrass fans everywhere celebrated their favorite music at Blue Ox Festival. Among the many performers were both Greensky Bluegrass and The Wood Brothers, and their paths crossed for one glorious moment at the event.Greensky has taken to playing the Wood Brothers’ “Luckiest Man” in their own shows, led by Paul Hoffman on vocals. This time, Hoffman got a chance to play the song with its writers, sitting in on mandolin and vocals for the tune.Watch it all go down below, courtesy of Jeff McCabe.[Photo via Greensky Facebook/Michael Kaiz Photography][H/T JamBase]last_img read more

The Trongone Band Heats Things Up At The Hamilton In DC [Audio/Gallery/Review]

first_imgThe Trongone Band headlined The Hamilton in Washington, D.C. this past Thursday, September 1st. It marks their third appearance at the venue, but their first appearance on the top of the ticket.The southern rockers from Southern Virginia have been building a steady following in the area over the last few years and are currently touring through Eastern and Southeastern states. These guys come with high energy, their transitions are flawless, and their soaring jams will get you out of your seat. Dangermuffin, another local favorite, opened the show, and members from the band sat in with The Trongone Band for the last few songs of the night.You can check out audio of their full set as well as a picture gallery, below: Load remaining imageslast_img read more

Lauryn Hill Pays Tribute To Prince With A Classic Cover At First Avenue [Watch]

first_imgThough hip-hop/R&B star Ms. Lauryn Hill mostly makes headlines for cancelling shows these days, the singer was in full form when she appeared at the famed First Avenue venue last night. Hill is on her Caravan tour, and rolled into Minneapolis, MN with an awe-inspiring full band performance.Naturally, fans were keeping their fingers crossed for a tribute to the late, great Prince. Not only were Lauryn Hill and Prince friends, but the Purple One actually helped take care of Hill’s children when she was in trouble during 2012-2013. When you consider the choice of venue – First Avenue was the home to most of the Purple Rain film – the decision to cover Prince was almost inevitable.In the middle of the show, Hill brought out a rendition of Prince’s classic hit, “Nothing Compares 2 U.” Watch the fan-shot footage below, courtesy of Nick Basgen.last_img read more

Joe Russo’s Almost Dead Lived The “Hippie Dream” At Final Night Of Fall Ball

first_imgEdit this setlist | More Joe Russo’s Almost Dead setlists Load remaining images The inimitable Joe Russo’s Almost Dead brought their “Fall Ball” to a close last night with another barn-burner of a performance. The band continued their dominance of Brooklyn Bowl with several Grateful Dead classics, wild and intricate jamming, and a guest appearance from Joe Russo‘s band mate in Band of Changes, Chris Harford.The show opened with a rare take on the plodding ballad “Blues for Allah”, which saw the band start the evening with a ton of swampy improvisation. The song eventually transformed into a spirited take on “Eyes of the World”, on which Scott Metzger took the lead, delivering a raging guitar solo that led the band through the song’s first jam section. Marco Benevento then took over for a solo of his own, leading the band through the song’s second jam section before bringing the early show highlight to a close with an awesome reprise of the tune’s chorus. The band then dropped right into a fiery and fast version of “New Minglewood Blues” that really got the crowd excited, as they yelled along with the song’s “I was born in the desert / raised in a lion’s den” lyric. This was an aggressive take on “New Minglewood Blues”, and it really paid off, with JRAD showcasing their confidence with the Grateful Dead catalog on this number and throughout the evening.The band then slowed things down with a heartfelt take on Jerry Garcia‘s beloved ballad “The Wheel”. Things picked back up with an excellent and bouncy version of “Ramble On Rose”. The audience was in the palm of their hands by this point, and the band returned the excitement in kind with a huge version of Merle Haggard‘s “Mama Tried”. The band then brought the first set to close with a version of “Morning Dew” that slowly but surely built to a huge peak, with Hamilton leading the way with his impressive guitar work.The Almost Dead didn’t play an acoustic set in the bowling lanes of Brooklyn Bowl on this night, but they did return with a massive second set. A reggae-tinged “Crazy Fingers” kicked things off, with Hamilton once again taking the lead as the band built the song up. Joe Russo started pounding his floor tom and suddenly the band was building up the intro to “Truckin’”, which served as the night’s standout jam segment. There was a moment where the band sped up into double time before Benevento took over for a keyboard-led jam, and eventually Russo continued his pounding on the drums to briefly tease “The Other One”, before the improv eventually led the band into a cover of Donny Hathaway‘s “Magnificent Sanctuary Band”.“Help On The Way” was met with a huge cheer from the crowd, and it was finally Dave Dreiwitz‘s time to shine, as he delivered several tasty bass licks in the song’s intro, and generally owned the track. The jam of course led into the song’s natural partner “Slipknot!”, which was played with a very jazzy and slowed-down arrangement. It’s awesome to see this band taking risks, coming up with their own arrangements and new interpretations of a catalog that has been played a million times over. “Estimated Prophet” followed, before the band invited Chris Harford from Band of Changes on stage to lead them through a cover of Neil Young‘s “Hippie Dream”, a fitting song for the nostalgic audience.For the encore, the band started things out with a cover of Bob Dylan‘s “He Was A Friend Of Mine”, before starting up the beloved “Not Fade Away”. The song gave the crowd one more moment to sing along and go crazy, with the band picking the perfect encore to echo the sentiment of the audience. JRAD and Brooklyn Bowl make for an absolute perfect pairing, and “Not Fade Away” was an excellent way of showing that love to their hometown crowd. The band left the stage as the crowd chanted and clapped the song’s “know our love will not fade away” lyric loudly into the night sky.After a few minutes of chanting, Joe Russo’s Almost Dead returned to the stage for a second encore, to the disbelief of many. The band had tons of tricks up their sleeve this run, with John Mayer making an appearance, multiple acoustic sets in the VIP area, and three nights of varied setlists, but it was this second encore to close out that show that felt so right. Just the band, up on stage at The Bowl, absolutely killing a jubilant version of “Bertha”. The band and crowd alike were all smiles as they finished another great Fall Ball.Check out the full setlist and some videos of “Blues For Allah” -> “Eyes of the World” and “Crazy Fingers” -> “Truckin’” below, courtesy of the band and Also, we’ve provided a set of photos from the evening, courtesy of photographer Andrew Blackstein. Joe Russo’s Almost Dead take a few weeks off the road before their next shows, as they’ll head to California in early November for shows in San Diego and Oakland.center_img Joe Russo’s Almost Dead at Brooklyn Bowl 10/8/2016last_img read more

Listen To String Cheese’s 80’s-Themed “Stringier Things” Hulaween Set [Full Audio]

first_imgLast weekend, The String Cheese Incident hosted and performed seven sets at their annual Suwannee Hulaween festival, taking over the famed Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park in Live Oak, FL for the occasion. Hulaween is always a highlight of musical Halloween celebrations, and this year’s festival was no exception.Among the many stand out sets from Hulaween (which will be covered in our full review), one was certainly the Stringier Things production by SCI. The name of the game was 80’s music, as the band spent an entire set covering classics from that decade. The song choices crossed the boards of different genres, ranging from the synth pop of “She Blinded Me With Science” to the hard rock of “Sweet Child O’ Mine.” The whole thing ended with an 80’s medley, complete with fireworks on a portion of Talking Heads’ “Burning Down The House.”Fortunately, we can re-listen to this classic String Cheese performance, courtesy of taper tonedeaf ([email protected]). Check it out below.The String Cheese Incident will spend the rest of the year off of the road, excluding a three-night run at the 1STBANK Center in Broomfield, CO to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Check out the Stringier Things setlist below.Setlist: The String Cheese Incident at Suwannee Hulaween, Live Oak, FL – 10/29/1601. Rhum ‘N Zouc02. Restless Wind03. I Wish04. Turn This Around >05. Joyful Sound06. Can’t Wait Another Day07. Would I Lie To You?08. Should I Stay Or Should I Go09. Upside Down10. She Blinded Me With Science11. Let’s Groove Tonight >12. White Wedding >13. Sweet Child O’ Mine14. Love Shack15. Another One Bites the Dust >16. White Lines >17. Safety Dance >18. Come On Eileen >19. Relax >20. Thriller/Never Gonna Give You Up >21. Don’t You Want Me Baby >22. Burnin’ Down The House23. Colorado Bluebird Sky24. Sweet Spot25. Sometimes A River26. Believe >27. Way Back Home >28. Miss Brown’s Teahouse29. Colliding30. Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yourslast_img read more

Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds: Soaring From The Start

first_imgOK, let’s get all the bird references out of the way right at the beginning. I mean, with a band called Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds, you gotta have some, right? So let’s make it fun for a sec, a cool modern folk tale of sorts.So the Kincheloe family had a nest in the tiny hamlet of Halcottsville New York, about 150 miles north of the big city, the one with all the pigeons, aka Dirty Birds. Halcottsville is where Sister Sparrow, her brother (and future Dirty Bird) Jackson and their sister Mama Quail grew up. The Kincheloe parents would often bring music back gleefully to the nest and feed it to their family, classic vintage rock mostly. Eventually, they would push young Arleigh gently out of the nest out into the world and let her fly…er, sing…with them at their own gigs. It was that musical spirit that set their little Sparrow aloft to begin her own soaring journey.“At like 8 or 9, I started sitting in and singing with the band,” said Sister Sparrow, aka Arleigh Kincheloe, recently from the road. “I was already doing it here and there, so my parents said let’s give it a shot. Even for an 8 year-old, I was so little, I’m still pretty small. But I was really doing it since the time I was growing up, it really helped me get comfortable on stage. And it let me just know that I really loved it.”The bird stuff is cool but let’s cut to the chase. Arleigh Kincheloe took that musical foundation, fine tuned it a bit in the Catskills, and then moved to New York. She got her harmonica-playing bro to take flight with her (sorry, couldn’t resist), and in 2008 started Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds, who since then have become one of the most talked-about soul-rock bands in the land. They’ve released three critically-acclaimed records and an EP, and most recently, an explosive live album Fowl Play (ya get that one?) that truly captures the essence of this sensational band at its most powerful. They play The Hamilton on Thursday November 10th.But it is Sister Sparrow, and her otherworldly, soulful vocals and mesmerizing stage presence that drive the band’s dynamic. Kincheloe, who started writing songs around 18, adored tiny Halcottsville, but knew early on that she needed to fly south (darn it, sorry again) to the Big Apple and take a bite out of it to really make her mark.“I loved where I grew up,” said the affable, red-headed dynamo, “but there were not alot of young musicians up there who wanted to really go for it. I wanted to — A — find other musicians I could play with — and B — sort of push myself to be motivated and driven and focused. It’s fine to be proud of where you grew up, I think that’s beautiful, if that’s where you’re happy. But I think I had to push myself off the edge, you know.”The dimunitive Kincheloe has honed her voice mightily since finding her Dirty Birds, creating an onstage and studio vibe full of rock and roll soul that is both ferocious and finessed at the same time.“It’s a hard thing for me to pin down,” Kincheloe said. “I’m just trying to be authentic to how I feel and what my voice does. People say, ‘You love Janis Joplin right?’ and I say I respect her, but I didn’t study her, I wasn’t trying to be her, it’s just that when I open my mouth, this is what comes out. So I think that’s where the soul comes from, I guess it’s just my soul, it’s just kind of what happens when I get to be free and express what’s going on inside my head, or my heart, or whatever.”The live experience is the essence of Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds, and that’s why they’ve been playing 150-plus shows a year since the beginning; a tiring, exhilarating and very necessary aspect of making a successful rock and roll living. But when Kincheloe and her supremely talented band — harmonicist brother Jackson Kincheloe, guitarist Sasha Brown, bassist Josh Meyers, drummer Dan Boyden and horn men Brian Graham and Phil Rodriguez — get in the groove live, duck, because there are few bands out there right now that can compete with their towering, formidable live energy.“The touring can get a little exhausting at times, but that’s why we’re at the place we’re at now,” Kincheloe said, “because we have done the touring for so many years straight. But it’s getting one fan at a time, that’s what we like to say. That work that we’ve put in surely has to pay off in some respect. I don’t like to think too much about what’s gonna happen in 6 weeks from now. I like to think about each day and each show, and trying to kinda maintain my sanity. And does the music still sound fresh and make us all happy when we’re on stage.”Describing the band’s sound or putting them in a box genre-wise is not easy, they can come at you with a bevy of different sounds during their absolutely killer live shows. And that may be just the thing for them as they keep their flock flying high. Yes, I said it.“People are always trying to compare us to people,” Kincheloe explained. “Moreso my voice than the actual sound of the band. I think there is something a little different going on, with all of us playing together. The arrangements and the style that we have sort of grown into. I always wanted it to be unique, and I was always striving for that. Because the last thing I wanna do is be the band that sounds like the other bands. It doesn’t feel like we’re reinventing the wheel, we’re playing sort of vintage stuff, even if it has it’s own little flavor to it.”Sister Sparrow and The Dirty Birds with special guest Kolars perform Thursday November 10th at The Hamilton, 600 14th Street, N.W. Washington, DC 20005. For tickets, click here.last_img read more

Derek Trucks & TTB Singers Join North Mississippi Allstars For Grateful Dead, Levon Helm Classics [Audio]

first_imgNorth Mississippi Allstars is currently on tour with Tedeschi Trucks Band for a number of dates this Winter, including a recent show at The Chicago Theatre on Thursday. NMA is a trio led by guitarist Luther Dickinson and drummer Cody Dickinson, and their chemistry goes well beyond brotherhood.Playing through originals and covers, including Jimi Hendrix, the Grateful Dead, and T-Bone Walker, the Mississippi-bred rock and blues band welcomed TTB vocalists Alecia Chakour, Mike Mattison, and Mark Rivers to the stage for the latter portion of their opening set.Guitarist Derek Trucks joined the fun for the last two songs, “Deep Elem Blues” and “Mean Old World” before closing the show with an epic guitar-off between him and Luther. The two have performed together countless times, the previous time being at the Sunshine Blues Music Festival in Boca Raton, FL.Thanks to taperjoe, you can enjoy the full show in the audio below:Setlist: North Mississippi Allstars | The Chicago Theatre | Chicago, IL | 1/19/2017Goin’ Home ML, I Don’t Live Today, Hear My Train A-Comin’, Mississippi Boll Weevil, Move Along Train*, Freedom Highway*, Back Back Train*, Deep Elem Blues**, Mean Old World*** w/ Alecia Chakour, Mike Mattison, & Mark Rivers (from TTB) on vocals** w/ Derek Trucks on guitar[H/T JamBuzz][Photo via Instagram User xxxdansinxxx]last_img read more

Members Of Greensky Bluegrass Kick Off Phoffman/Beck Quartet Colorado Run In Boulder [Photos]

first_imgSet One: The Four, Dust in a Baggie, Burn Themseeds, Fixin’ to Ruin, Meet Me at the Creek (1), Nine Days, Johnnie B Goode, Breaking Thru, Tinfoil & TurmoilSet 2: Takin’ A Slow Train, In Control, Broke Mountain Breakdown 》That’s How Strong My Love Is, A Letter to Seymour, I’d Probably Kill You, Red Rocking Chair (2), Windshield, Don’t Lie (3)(4) 》Them Changes 》Don’t LieEncore: Two Hands (5)(6)(7), Sittin” On Top of the World (6)(1) “Tweezer Reprise” jam, (2) “Purple Haze” tease, (3) “Tinfoil & Turmoil” tease, (4) “Foxy Lady” tease, (5) Single Mic, (6) With Lindsay Lou, Joshua Rilko and Mark Lavengood, (7) “Them Changes” tease Following their headlining performance at Winter Wondergrass Tahoe this past weekend, mandolinist Paul Hoffman and dobro player Anders Beck have set aside some time to focus on a special side project dubbed the Phoffman/Beck Quartet before resuming their extensive touring schedule with Greensky Bluegrass. For the quartet, the duo has also tapped guitarist Billy Strings and bassist Samson Grisman, with the stacked ensemble commencing their four-night Colorado run yesterday at the Fox Theatre in Boulder.Last night’s show in Boulder was a fiery way to start the PHAB Four’s run, setting the bar high with the quartet shredding through a Greensky-heavy setlist chock full of fun teases. The four musicians are all accomplished in their own right, but together they were a powerful force. Seeing that level of high-caliber musicianship is always a pleasure to watch, with the crowd enraptured as they handily tossed solos between them and built songs to a frenzy.While many Greensky songs were featured throughout the night, mostly from If Sorrow Swims, Handguns, and Greensky’s latest album, Shouted, Written Down, and Quoted, the setlist by no means was constrained, with some of the highlights of the evening being the group tackling “Johnny B. Goode” as a tribute to Chuck Berry and sandwiching “Them Changes” within “Don’t Lie.” Perhaps one of the most exciting moments of the night was a “Tweeprise” tease during “Meet Me at the Creek,” which had phans in the audience freaking out for Phish. Billy Strings won many fans last night as well, both with his agile guitar stylings and a newer song of his, “Tinfoil & Turmoil,” which ended the first set and was teased during the second.The feeling of the night was jovial, with all the musicians in high spirits, joking around with one another in between songs and clearly glad to kick off the Quartet’s mini-tour. The audience was clearly loving it as well, with the crowd singing along to songs and filling the Fox with a general sense of camaraderie. Toward the end of the second set, Paul Hoffman admitted to having a cold, which was somewhat of a shock considering his consistently powerful vocals throughout the evening. For “Windshield,” he asked fans to help out with the chorus of the Greensky tune, and fans enthusiastically obliged, serving as a perfect way to begin to wrap up the evening. The show ended with a two-song encore, during which Lindsay Lou, Joshua Rilko and Mark Lavengood of opening act, Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys, joined the Quartet on stage as a communal way to send off the audience.The ensemble will continue on to Fort Collins tonight for a performance at the Aggie Theatre before heading westward tomorrow, where they’ll spend their Friday night with a sold-out show at Frisco’s Barkley Ballroom with Coral Creek. To wrap up their Colorado run, the Phoffman/Beck Quartet will hit Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom with Grant Farm. You can check out a gallery from the Quartet’s show at the Fox last night, courtesy of photographer C. B. Klein, as well as a full setlist from last night’s show, courtesy of Lucas White from Camp Greensky.Setlist: Phoffman / Beck Quartet with Billy Strings and Samson Grisman| Fox Theatre | Boulder, CO | 4/5/2017 Load remaining imageslast_img read more

Papadosio Gets Reinvented On ‘Pattern Integrities: Remixed’

first_imgPapadosio is known for their layered sound and seemingly infinite depth, as recent release Pattern Integrities showed. Building the perfect Papadosio song is a process of making choice after choice until the track emerges. Thankfully, the production finish line isn’t always the final word in the evolution of the music. For the first time, Papadosio has decided that the end isn’t truly the end with the release of Pattern Integrities: Remixed.There are a million reasons for one artist to want to deconstruct the creations of others. Often, it is to single out an element that intrigues them. For example, Bluetech takes the more down-tempo aspects of “Each And Every Wave” and strips away anything that elevates the track’s high end. The effect is a meditative jam that allows the mind to float and bob to its own beat.Kalya Scintilla took elements of “Euclidean Lights” and added layers of distorted echo-laden wails and higher-sped beats. The remix proves that sometimes you can say more with less song itself. Aligning Minds focus on “Mr. Turtles Cloud Kingdom,” turning the track into a tight, trippy, psychedelic dream.The bass line of “Omnifreeze” goes from a sparse click to a thumping organic beat in the hands of Living Light. Slow-building “Oblivion” skips the preamble and gets straight to full-speed funk in the hands of Push Pull. Anthony Thogmartin, under the alias EarthCry, pulls off one of the most remarkable transformations with a tempo-inverted take on “Vactollio,” which works just as well. It makes one wonder if he had this direction in mind earlier in the production cycle.The most charming take on this collection is Scott Hannay’s fantastically retro 8-bit version of “Threes.” Self-imposed restrictions, like the use of the OG video game music parameters, can be inspirational and comical at the same time. The second take on “Euclidean Lights” on Pattern Integrities: Remixed by Soulacybin goes in a much more structured and danceable direction.Including multiple takes by different remix artists on a collection illustrates the conceit behind these packages perfectly, giving artists like Futexture and Erothyme opportunities to showcase their thoughts alongside Living Light and the band itself. Papadosio wisely chose artists whom they appreciate to reinvent their work and the result is a lively album that stands on its own merits. Let’s hope that they continue to see where others can take their creations!Tickets for Papadosio’s Re:Creation event at Red Rocks Amphitheatre on Saturday, May 6th are currently on sale, and can be purchased here. For additional information and even updates, check out the Facebook Event page at this link. Anthony Thogmartin’s EarthCry project will play a pre-party show at Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox on Friday, May 5th. Tickets can be purchased at Ticketfly.last_img read more