What is the anchor text and hyperlinks and text links

on the link anchor text and URL difference before, first say what is the anchor text.

anchor text belongs to a hyperlink, because whether it is clickable text or click on the link, are all hyperlinks. In a broad range, click on the picture, mail and so on are all hyperlinks, but in the chain of this range, only the clickable text or web site called hyperlinks. A hyperlink can use target= "_blank" strong, changes its appearance, color, open etc..

and hyperlink hyperlink to text links can improve the probability to attract spider crawling, will increase the weight of the target site, and retains the possibility of filtering small, not easy to be deleted the benefits of greater than the possibility of some text links. read more

Liu Jinge from the parts of the body to understand the importance of website structure optimization

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why I say he is the leader? Because we are at war time, there must be a lead of the people, if not the leader, then we will fight without direction, all we do is basically done. So, we in every key part of the site, all need to consider the use of appropriate keywords: title, content, link URL, pictures etc.. And these words as words, but people often search, must have a degree in our time to do keywords, search engines like others, he will have a tolerance. If we exceed his tolerance, so our website may have to be abandoned it, so not too much, the leader must be appropriate, and this order must be precise. read more

These habits will cause entrepreneurs to fail earlier3 years of network company entrepreneurship har

everyone may have his own dream of starting a business, but there are so many entrepreneurs. Success again >

‘s failure to start a business is to look at income too much. Generally just starting entrepreneurs, will be too much income. Money is important, but the customer is the source of your money, if your product has a large number of users of resources, then the money will come easier! Therefore, companies want to accelerate the pace of profit so we should: customer first, profit second read more

How to do web site optimization and promotion of Shanghai dragon racing together bridle to bridle

Finally, The scarcity of

promotion channel:

2). The recommended

(1) QQ space. First you need to have a lot of friends, and continually updated industry technical articles in space or user needs, and then in this.

is followed by the title of the article, find the user search (index) and related long tail keywords and website content, take it as the core of content creation, where the title of the article is helpful to create "attract" "into" title,

2. content and the title of the article read more

Marketing to create millions of traffic to your site

many people think that marketing impossible for web site to create millions of traffic, if you use love as a marketing point may, at present there should be a successful family as a marketing point to the site to create millions of traffic cases. The following small share marketing to create millions of some of the basic ideas for the site traffic.

, a marketing to create millions of traffic is not a dream for

TV drama "the temptation to go home" is adapted from the classic drama "the temptation of his wife", by the Korean beauty Choo Ja Hyun, Hongkong star Rain Lee, Ling Xiaosu starred in the mainland but fashionable urban emotional drama, describes the transformation process of a virtuous woman is weak growth independent strong urban women. The play by the Hunan TV premiere. Viewing the super popular, dominated the national ratings champion. The highest ratings has broken more than 5 audience share is as high as 26.7%, defeated 6 years ago, Korean drama "Dae Jang Geum", became the Hunan satellite TV in addition to "Princess" outside the record of the highest ratings, has become a TV series of provincial satellite TV ratings second in recent 10 years. read more

What to take from you is excessive optimization

website optimization is absolutely key areas of excessive optimization to avoid, website optimization home page layout up to no more than four words, and key distribution to uniform distribution website keywords follow from left to right lower order distribution, so compared with the spider crawling, also from the user’s visual browsing perspective is suitable. It is easy for the search engines and determine the key content of the website. For more important columns as mentioned in the web page, and other page with web site keywords paper describes the home page, is to have the best news list, let search engine to see more content. read more

nterpretation of Shanghai dragon industry four chaos

chaos two: Shanghai dragon industry blundering vogue

from the Shanghai dragon 1 keyword stuffing time to Shanghai dragon 2 chain for the emperor’s times and today we say Shanghai Dragon 3 focus on the user experience of the era. China Shanghai Longfeng industry experienced a long 6, 7 years of slow development process. In western developed countries and mature industry compared to our Chinese Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng industry is only in its infancy. Although I contact Shanghai dragon in this industry is not a long time but has deep feelings to the development of this industry chaos. read more

Optimization of A5 group the festival is approaching whether the site had Spring Festival

second: the chain increase audit

is perhaps the same year because new, recently did a lot of search engines seem to move on the web site of the chain. An example of binary observation yesterday, I do not know whether it is accidental, the previous A5 forum released the chain included is very fast, all the points are recognized as the webmaster. After yesterday released the two links, about half an hour has not been included. Is the beginning of the spider walk not to open it, or the chain rules have changed? Link although the final was included, but compared to the past, slow down a lot, this is also a point of observation. In addition, the recent search engine has obvious "eat" the phenomenon of chain, the chain has been, always cannot see the phenomenon of the increase too much, the website ranking fell or related. Finally, the binary in Shanghai love to know to do a test, found that "could not add links related information", if added directly by the audit. I do not know is not individual? Webmaster friends also can do a test, control and adjust the search engine of the foreign chain increased up. read more

f the site is fast ranking, fast conversion

is the Xuzhou network company, we can serve as a reference, I hope to help enterprises can quickly improve website ranking, achieve the transformation effect.

Recently a lot of friends in the

2, the content of good quality, continuously updated articles, enhance the frequency.

1, the chain increased, increasing the chain, attract spider crawling.

on the site itself to improve the quality, in order to enhance the website ranking. Xuzhou network company after many years of accumulated experience of some skills, can quickly increase the website included, to speed up the rankings, these skills are only a supporting role, really fast and stable ranking is needed for the acquisition of Shanghai Longfeng thinking business website, get reliable ranking. read more

said the chain or the Emperor

      in some time ago, the chain of LEE standard for the quality of the chain is only one explanation, the chain must be user really recommended. What is the meaning of it is really recommend, non-human natural chain. Did Shanghai dragon knows, the chain construction difficulty of non-human is high, a new station on the 00 day, the flow of several pieces, then to obtain the chain of non-human, is undoubtedly the Arabian adventures.

  remember early last year, in order to impact a keyword ranking for the Guangzhou website construction company website, then collected can send the link to the website, regardless of never, it will fall into the construction of the chain, as long as the attention to increase speed, ranking it up. But now, I believe if I say useful, very few people dare to do so. read more