Fresh electricity costs only make a little money in spring.

in order to maintain fresh, electricity providers to carry a complex supply chain, the high cost of logistics, not open market nurture.

for fresh food sales, production, storage, transportation, always in the consumer before each link in the low-temperature environment, must use the "cold chain logistics high".

have a love of tomatoes, an inspirational orange, entrepreneurs, business platform, a head into fresh areas, the market appears to be crowded area. However, at the end of a "1 million 500 thousand transfer" message, a "a fresh experience to share electricity supplier loser", opened a fresh electricity suppliers are difficult dilemma. read more

t’s more important to make money and make money

slept for a long time did not sleep last night, I think a lot of chaos. There is a great sense of "stress" that comes from deep inside". In the Taobao University for more than a month, the feeling of time too fast, but he learned too little. Especially in this technology Wangzhuan feel, learn too bad.

began to learn SEO technology, do not understand the point of knowledge is not very understanding, I will go to Baidu to find some information to compare, so that their better understanding of these points of knowledge. At that time, I feel that I understand the understanding of the. After the "fifteen days" camp 7 days subject to do answer, only to find their own knowledge of SEO almost forgotten, do each question to look to new knowledge from Taobao university curriculum, and then go to Baidu to find some information to answer. Can use their own words to answer, I will not be the whole course of the word "do not leak" copy. Answering questions in your own words will make you more aware of the knowledge, not just the knowledge. read more

Blog advertising becomes climate

  blog site Engadget published last month, Microsoft will work with the beverage manufacturer Pepsi to carry out promotional activities, sending thousands of new Xbox game console. In this video game enthusiasts blow a pond, caused a sensation.

but neither company responded to the report. The news first appeared in mid April, after numerous video games and electronic equipment have quoted a blog site, time Public opinions are divergent. the marketing strategy of Microsoft, the topic from what to how much soda can irrigation in this war, this is not the only one to win the bottle. read more

Lei Jun, Wang Xing and other three consecutive entrepreneurs, why can succeed

Chinese people have been a bit of a taboo against failure since ancient times. The so-called Losers are always in the wrong., Chinese values have been following the worship of "success", and shunned for failure. In the thirty years of China enterprise, numerous entrepreneurs are revelers and media holding on the altar, but once the problem will soon be relentless criticism, up and down.

I went to Silicon Valley in 1999 for the first time, it was the first wave of the internet. At that time, the whole world regarded Silicon Valley as the holy land of global innovation. But in Silicon Valley, one of the most important words I’ve heard about the success of Silicon Valley is "tolerance for failure."". Silicon Valley is particularly encouraging young people to start a business, because in their view, young entrepreneurs have nothing to lose. The worst thing you can do is find a job. As for venture capital, the most amazing thing is that they will tell you that they will lose. If a run to change entrepreneurs resume too good, life has not met failure, VCs will probably beat a retreat. On the contrary, for those who have failed experience, but can have a profound review and Reflection on the failure, and so that venture capitalists have been considered to have been more popular venture capitalists. read more

The only Wheat bag on the line, the owners are very surprised to send non-stop

: a surprise on the wheat bags advertising buy $58 worth of Italy BABILA fine key bag

activity time: December 3, 2007 –

, January 3, 2007

active object: (Note: every webmaster can only get a) pointer to the new Adsense

surprise two: full performance of the 100

to send 200

activity time: December 3, 2007 –

, January 3, 2007

active object: put all the ads in wheat bag advertising. In addition to the Commission gave the value of 100 yuan Omnitest leather name card holder

surprise three: full performance of the 388 read more

Pulse new advertisers to join and Nana meters to stop promotion

nine days music network CPS advertising on-line, sales commission of 40%. Members are welcome to the sales area to obtain the code. Please pay attention to the station announcement.

due to the owner of the main server to adjust, Nana meter CPA advertising suspended from now on promotion. Open time for further notice. Ask members to change the code in time, so as not to affect your income. Thank You for Your Cooperation。

Union address:

more information as in the League:
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the QQ:285445
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback QQ:285445 mail:[email protected] read more

Who will protect vulnerable groups of information security

signature: now many of the so-called web alliance company, many are in the collection of affiliate id photocopy of the. And claimed that only in this way can pay commission, otherwise all income does not pay.

excuse me, who gave you the right to collect copies of your membership card?

who can protect our information security?

originally, full-time webmaster because there is no work support, there is no company support, but also to protect the law to drink less, living expenses on those advertising fees. read more

The registration task Wangzhuan experience sharing

I do have a characteristic, is not cheating, no matter SEO or website planning or not cheating. Especially with the registration task, the use of registered machine, using bulk mail, use the QQ group, is not always the best way to solve the user, it is false. Many friends said that now not false is equal to the bound myself, but I always think that today you do more than others, will get some what.

in the data bank to do the registration task, put aside the conversion rate of this assessment, invite customers to download links and other aspects of sharing. read more

Super income white-collar mobile phone film business, earning a relaxed million

recently, when I went out to play, I took iPad to take some photos. The iPad film has become warped edge side, a long time will definitely fall. I’m on the way in a mobile phone stall for a.


mobile phone film stall for three years, this business is very simple, one desk and a computer on it. Simple but is not no money, the news had reported that the mobile phone film made stall than those who do take the white-collar, thousand easily.

smart phones are now almost one hand, the use of very frequent. You see those who are waiting for the car to play the phone, even when walking while playing mobile phone. Many office workers in addition to work to sleep, time is almost used to play the phone. Mobile phone is like a pet as the shadow follows the form. A lot of people because of constantly playing mobile phone, mobile phone film to replace two or three times a year, especially girls, long nails, with more bad, mobile phone film faster, so that the market is very big. read more

Taobao shop to share the baby describes the writing experience

do Taobao for a whole year, and finally get a sparkling blue diamond, the recent business deserted, there is time to sum up the experience, look for deficiencies.

Needless to say the importance of

baby description.

from the operating characteristics of the shop, the baby describes the function is as much as possible to allow customers to get more information, so it is not easy to put a few pictures, playing on the size of the.

I summarize the following points:

, the number of pictures to be appropriate. read more