A duck neck shop why business failed

in the many people’s eyes, the duck is a very popular snack, start a duck neck shop can basically realize the profit to make money. However, in the real operation process, we will find that a lot of duck neck shop are all ended in failure. Then, a duck neck shop why business failure? And let Xiaobian through a case for analysis.

I open duck neck shop is also a momentary brain fever, don’t want to work. I am open duck neck shop in Shanghai, and the most open Lucai shop friend almost all want to be a boss to do business to earn a lot of money. Look at the Internet to say that the shop to earn a few hundred days a day to earn a few thousand people is simply a lie, and now the intestines are green. read more

2016 create a youth entrepreneurship contest mobilization

innovation and entrepreneurship competition can better stimulate college students to wear all kinds of enthusiasm, in order to allow students to better understand the innovation and entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship Institute held in 2016, creating youth entrepreneurship contest mobilization.

3 23, business school in Yifu Building Global Innovation Entrepreneurship Lab in 2016 to carry out a youth national college entrepreneurship competition mobilization. The event invited the Shanghai Jiaotong University Science and Technology Park, Guo Chao, director of the introduction of the company, in 2014, creating a youth gold team on behalf of the team, such as Yang Hongkai, and so on, and so on, this year, the school enrollment team, such as the introduction of guidance, such as, Xie Mengzhu. read more

Coffee shop note

leisure time, into a coffee shop, a cup of coffee is how comfortable life. Therefore, people began to increase the number of coffee shop. Coffee shop should also pay attention to skills, not everyone can succeed! So, with the small series to see what should pay attention to the operation of the coffee shop!

read more

Entrepreneurship is not easy to join the store more attention

with the development of economic downturn, many people suffer from no promotion and salary raise Wangdu to join our business team, to become entrepreneurs most easily, the highest success rate of entrepreneurship, but also has joined many other considerations, the following Xiaobian list:

1, look at the size of the headquarters scale

2, the brand trademark is a registered trademark.

3, joined the main is 1 corporate bodies.

4, joined the contract rigorous, comprehensive, fair. read more

Play interactive intelligent camera system market development space

now, in our living standards continue to improve today, we gradually improve the quality of life needs. Play interactive intelligent shooting system was, undoubtedly, is to meet our quality of life. Play interactive intelligent camera system? Not only has the very high popularity, and to play interactive intelligent camera system, is our best choice.

don’t look perfect interactive smart camera system shooting out of the effect is surprising, but it is not the shooting program. With independent image matting technique is the successful implementation of the MV dynamic scenes and gift accessories, all kinds of crafts such as static images play a perfect graft interactive intelligent shooting system, the fusion of many advanced imaging technology, the operation is very simple, no one does not understand photography people can shoot the movie master. read more

Friday West Restaurant

Friday restaurant mainly fast-food products R & D and production of derivatives research and development since the establishment of Friday’s break the traditional concept of focusing on the consumer experience, is the domestic and foreign markets to overturn the traditional products, Friday’s R & D, production and marketing in one restaurant, Friday to join, join the Friday restaurant in various provinces and cities in Taiwan, the company will be a solid backing service our franchisees. So how to join it? read more

Bedding home textile store marketing strategy


, consumers are now more and more attention to the quality of life, for Home Furnishing decorative collocation is particularly attention, as now many consumers want to own more exotic and quality Home Furnishing more taste of life, then the choice of bedding is necessary, therefore, it is good to promote now. The bedding market development, for the operators of bedding stores, a good grasp of the bedding store marketing strategy, will better carry out business.

in the bedding shop to join, a force of bedding must be very strong, no matter what kind of bedding, if high in price formulation, or have poor quality and inadequate bedding, bedding or inventory is not enough phenomenon, immediately will affect sales, naturally not easy to increase fixed customers. In the operation, not only to face the competition in the local stores, but also to face the competition from a variety of brand stores. read more

Customer manager needs to be full of passion

It is not easy for

to be a qualified account manager, and it is necessary to have more skills and do more work. In fact, if you want to be a good account manager, you need to be full of passion. Have passion to customer manager, we must first establish the short-term and long-term goal of self struggle, for example, to become the most popular retail customers who want to be the first sales of the same brand, to become the most excellent customer manager, or to become a senior marketing engineer or general manager of marketing, etc.. read more

72 street snack why so hot

recently a fast food items in the fast food industry is very popular, that is, 72 street snack, why the fast food street in the short time of the rapid rise of the 72, and why this fast food items can be so hot. Read the following introduction you know.

72 street is the flagship brand of Guangzhou fast food restaurant seventy-two Street restaurant chain development Co., Ltd., to the original Pork Chop famous rice market, attract many consumers, popular, is a promising fast-food investment project! 72 street snack shop how to join? 72 Street fast food franchise 72 street snack shop to make money? And try to do is to lower the cost of providing more high-quality dining experience! Open a 72 street snack affordable to every one that is explosive, store all product prices ranging from 7~20, rich products, meet the popular consumer demand, popular business opportunities worth the investment! 72 street snack to be small? For the answer is yes. read more

An ordinary girl is how successful agent brand project

brand project has been the first choice to join many investors. First, the brand has its own brand effect, has its own culture and connotation. Has a wealth of successful experience. Of course, the brand also has a high cost of entry, join the conditions and other restrictions, after joining the successful experience and so on are determined to join the brand project success or not. The whole network (http://s.shang360.com) for your analysis of an ordinary girl is how successful brand agent project.
the ordinary girl with curly hair, baby face, smile dimple, bear Chen Ming, many people lamented: it is a young girl. After listening to this, she was a faint smile: are slowly accumulated, I entered the age of 20, and now do the clothing business has been 17 years." The answer is often scary. Chen Ming’s company in wansongyuan commercial street, the first floor is a clothing store, the two floor is a busy office, in addition to major shopping malls in Wuhan has her acting brand counters. And the ultimate origin of all this is the end of the last century, the end of 80s, a small roadside shop. From state-owned enterprises employees, to the small clothing store owner, and then to set up their own companies, do professional agents. Chen Ming’s entrepreneurial experience has always been in the apparel industry, and, it seems that the future is not ready to leave the line.
project to join the brand experience and lessons from the 20 year old "out" a small clothing store dug the first pot of gold
store had been steady operation for more than a year, Chen Ming on fashion trends, to grasp the customer psychology are improved. By the end of 1990, the next two stores closed due to poor management, Chen Ming took the opportunity to put these two stores, operating area suddenly expanded to more than and 80 square meters. She renovated the store, asked the clerk, began to look at the brand agent. After market research, she chose 3 clothing brands, from boutique stores to open stores read more