World Cup marketing online banking wallet, there must be a ball is how hot circle of friends


text / Liu Huafang

with the ecstasy of Suarez bite incident, bitten Chiellini with Italy home, the network appeared immediately Suarez various PS God figure, Langya, Su Su are stunning vampire, Brazil World Cup once again pushed to the climax of joy.

Although the

Chinese team refused to participate in the world cup, but Chinese enterprises are creative lot, their interesting world cup marketing planning for China fans are not lonely, have beer, lottery, quiz, and occasionally participate in beauty, enjoyable. As Internet marketing professionals forced high, the focus of our attention to marketing, finance of Jingdong’s online banking wallet in a "ball will be" activities, my WeChat circle of friends are constantly refresh, sense of participation, the highest a classic case of the highest rated Internet the world cup marketing activities.


rules are simple, bonuses are rough

compared to many companies engage in opaque lottery like iPhone flicker type activities, online banking wallet this time once again reflects the Jingdong’s "shadaheicu" spirit, straight out of 10 million yuan as a bonus quiz, and find the notarization institutions do serious notarization, every time the bonus results require notarization institutions after the release of authentication and notarization. Did not think of online banking wallet actually so seriously, guess the outcome of the match bonus, the final summary to the user’s online banking wallet, and withdrawals, allegedly hit rate is very high, the average guess winning gold actually up to dozens of pieces (unfortunately I can only guess, a white, so many years watching the ball).

will have to guess the results of cash rewards, so simple rules, guess process without manual intervention, every 100 thousand bonus by guess guess the number average, no money accumulated to the finals. Participation threshold is very low online banking wallet can make the ball must be one of the core elements of the hot, as long as the download online banking wallet app, with Jingdong account directly log in to participate.

many users do not buy love football SMG, but free quiz and high bonus so that they are willing to participate in and try the ball will be activities, whether it is true fans, or pseudo fans, playing guessing, and money, are Why not? Thing. Sessions, bonuses, will make the majority of users have a chance to guess, the bonus is XXX yuan, is not integral, this is very important, think of WeChat red we all grab a few cents lively, online banking wallet ball will be basically at least ten yuan bonus level called the nouveau riche big red, the enthusiasm for gold the silver and the real lasting.

pseudo fans guess more opportunities, ‘

2:1’s law

the ball will be hot when the circle of friends, I was surprised to find that usually see buddy ball much chance guess is very low, but those little girls watching the pseudo fans repeatedly guess why pseudo fans but to get bonus >

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