Education O2O platform crazy teacher completed 120 million yuan C round of financing

June 16th news, today, the education O2O platform crazy teacher announced the completion of 120 million yuan C round of financing, led by Jing Lin capital investment, Tencent, Yuan hee capital with investment.


It is reported that

, previously crazy teacher in 15 years in July to complete the $24 million B+ round of financing, capital and share capital by Kun Ling joint investment, B round of $200 million after the completion of the valuation.

crazy teacher founder and CEO Zhang Hao said that after this round of financing, will broadcast platform jingle class force multi screen interactive live and studio real live in its field. Future teachers will change from the past institutionalized way of survival to the platform, then online and offline educational institutions through the guidance of this part of the integration will become the future trend.

It is reported that

, the crazy teacher is mainly divided into three divisions, one is the incubator division, responsible for training industry in Pyramid the spire of the super class teacher, the incubator at present each teacher annual income of more than 1 million. The second is the broadcast division, that is, jingle classroom. The third is the social division, community is the talent pool reservoir, crazy teacher will find good teachers from the community, and then transferred to the live classroom and super class project.

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