Micro-blog marketing industry and product adaptability

in recent years, with micro-blog’s fiery, spawned a new marketing approach – micro-blog marketing. At present, more and more businesses in micro-blog, to carry out various forms of micro-blog marketing activities. However, behind this prosperity, we have to think, what kind of industry and products suitable for micro-blog marketing?

first, the characteristics and functions of micro-blog marketing

1, micro-blog marketing features

micro-blog marketing with micro-blog to carry out marketing activities, access to the lower threshold; by 140 words the amount of information, the dissemination of the contents of fragmentation; can publish information through the computer, mobile phone and other terminals, distribution channels and diverse; the audience is also communicators, with the spread of fission effect; celebrity comments forwarded value opinion leaders obviously. In general, micro-blog marketing has the advantages of low cost, real-time, fast propagation, high precision, simple and convenient, interactive, high viscosity, etc.. But there are also some shortcomings, such as a large number of redundant information, the effect of communication is difficult to control, etc., is the spread of negative news accelerator.

2, micro-blog marketing function analysis

micro-blog marketing as a way to be able to focus on a two-way mechanism to share a brief public information broadcast platform marketing, for businesses have an important role.

(1): research platform through micro-blog marketing businesses can understand customer needs, gradually formed a new product development benefit by mutual discussion, creative.

(2) advertising platform: businesses can publish promotional information to attract consumer attention, play the effect of advertising.

(3) sales platform: businesses can publish information to guide consumers to book online or buy, and ultimately achieve the purpose of sales.

(4) customer service platform: businesses can communicate with consumers to deal with complaints and suggestions.

(5): public relations platform businesses can brand publicity and public relations crisis using micro-blog marketing, to enhance the visibility and reputation.

6: business recruitment platform can release recruitment information through micro-blog, attracting talents.

Research on Adaptability of

two and micro-blog marketing

based on the analysis of characteristics and functions of the micro-blog marketing, combined with the experience of micro-blog marketing success and failure of the case, the micro-blog marketing adaptability were studied, summed up the micro-blog marketing for the industry and product characteristics.

1, micro-blog marketing industry adaptability

micro-blog marketing well done, depending on a variety of factors. Not all industries are suitable for micro-blog marketing, therefore, businesses decide whether to use micro-blog marketing, should consider whether they have the following elements:

(1) target group wide

in the micro-blog marketing environment, the target group of businesses include two broad implications: >

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