How to make your WeChat public accounts stand out

imagine, WeChat public account, in fact, like a magazine, a TV column, a well-known brand…… The same, there are personality to be concerned about, to get the audience’s love, loyalty, and even obsessed. How to let the audience crazy in love with the public account? How can let the public account in the audience attention in dense mobile phone has become a must see the talent shows itself, Liu Yu is always chicken soup? With reflection in WeChat account for clients in the direction of. So, there are personality personified products, is the audience favorite, it is beyond doubt. How to do? Can Yu thinking and improvement from the following points:

the first step to let the account has a personality and personification of the code.


is the enterprise WeChat account, whether in the name can shape the personality? For example, micro signal treatment of heart disease medicine enterprises, can be named XXX heart care division, is positioned behind the brand name or product name plus anthropomorphic, or the direct use of brand positioning to name it than the direct use of business or product name, infectivity is much higher; if it is set up a special person in the public account, you should pay more attention to shaping the personality of the name. Here are two ways: first, to narrow the scope of content, for example, a lot of public accounts related to the film, and I only do the world’s classic movie lines this piece. "Global, classic lines" these two words, is the key of suction eye; two is the individual, let the reader through the WeChat account name, clear perception personality, such as the "spirit of entertainment", the name of our impression is that it will release some entertainment and positive content, and name is not popular, so as to deepen the impression, increase the frequency of browsing.

In addition to the WeChat name

, micro signal can also create a code that is small when direct dialogue with the user, as a nickname. Features, so that readers can easily remember, but also feel very interesting nickname best. For example, Durex will use "Dudu" nickname, sounds very interesting.

second step allows the reader to refine the content, perceived account personality.

first of all, if we are ready from the manuscript on the network, without modification, refining, or stereotyped are enterprise introduction, new product launch features or content related to corporate culture, it will make people feel boring, think WeChat account just microphone, and do not have their own ideas, in the course of time will in disgust, lack of fun and cancel the attention. Liu Yuhan think, do WeChat public account, the most important thing is to people-oriented, responsible for the reader. Not only the content to be wonderful, but also is a kind of thought, concept and personality spirit spirit; not only to produce more value to the reader, let the reader to follow our perspective of the world, reading life. This is to give the WeChat public account to life. So we are content to show a unified style, a kind of temperament, the network was not be directly used, adapted to become their own things that are valuable.

secondly, we can pass the

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