How to use soft Wen to promote their website

      soft Wen wrote more than two months time, suffered during editing is not passed, is scolding, no one reproduced end, No one shows any interest in, before I start to write soft just think to cheat a Ip, I believe that many owners now think so, in fact this is just a few or even ignore the interests of people, when the soft to be reproduced, can obtain many chains to improve the rankings, get more clicks, I set up two months now Baidu search site optimization " " has been ranked thirtieth, this is mostly soft effect. That how to write easily reproduced soft Wen?
summed up some experience, and the webmaster brothers sharing.

. A
  title of the party; a good title can attract more visitors, increase your exposure of soft, many online template for your reference, you love the title of the article, the title is a template, such as "ten owners will go to the site", "five Chinese the well-known blog", "how to quickly improve your rankings", etc..


content to help visitors to
    a title of the party, writing has no effect on the viewer, a waste of everyone’s time, can not catch it? Write a soft friend can sum up their own marketing experience to share a little, so that the user reproduced only more, but also do not curse so many people.

three. Site address to be sandwiched in the middle of the
    remember when I first started writing, often in the bottom of the article to write reprint please keep the link, and then the url… 20% people can leave your links on the good, and the links are retained in the middle, can reach 50%, if each reproduced is able to retain the link, I believe people will write soft consciously put a link on the tail, but in reality it is not China.


must be original
    some owners to someone else’s article copy even the title will not change, just change the address and contact information, direct release, soft Wen is also the author of the work, there are a lot of friends to write text in the webmaster nets, often see the article, is not the original one can see it, want others to respect you, you respect others.

Don’t fall into the conventional


    some were considered the classic text, such as the one I wrote "don’t make money for IP and then fight, you look at me", speculation a day to raise a Babel of criticism of, more than 3 thousand IP, many brothers said that this soft Wen wrote very level, but this is the worst of the soft Wen in addition, I forwarded to the laggards, no one reproduced, defrauding the head of the IP has no meaning, there are friends to write beautiful peasant webmaster, Adsense site, and so on.

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