Web site advertising diversified thinking to the campus network as an example

The traditional

website advertising is the pictures and text with a simple description, the mountain is mountain, water is water, tell visitors: This is as clear as noonday advertising. However, normally users of advertising are objectionable, is very difficult to let them take the initiative to accept advertising, so advertising may come with a more subtle way and does not cause the user antipathy? The answer is yes, the campus network in this respect gave us a good example.

may have some friends are not familiar with the school, the school currently known as Chinese largest SNS community, by Oak Pacific interactive operation, Thousand Oaks recently received a large investment in softbank.

school is currently divided into three pieces of advertising. One thousand oaks group website advertising, like mop.com and developed their own online games. The second is the banner ads, some of the more well-known companies such as Lenovo and KFC have done. The third part is I think is worth learning is the "Gift Center" advertising, the BBS and props such as almost, my girlfriend’s birthday tomorrow, so I was in the "Gift Center" to buy a bunch of flowers to her, then in her personal space display.

this time if there is a business or product to do publicity, they pay an advertising fee to the school (in particular by time or gift amount is not clear), they will give you a special gift, tea tea, Pepsi Cola what, then the gift set free membership, free gift to friends. This propaganda effect is very good, I heard that there is a commodity in a month was donated millions of times, invisible to give and accept these gifts of membership have left deep influence, formed a brand effect.

in fact, there are many new forms of online advertising worthy of our attention and learning, like the 39 Health forum. Perhaps the ad for a form to performance, but also to get the user’s favorite and advertisers satisfaction, and your site, will also bring you more income.

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