Dai Renguang Lamps lighting products Taobao promotion simple analysis

wrote many Taobao guest article, from Taobao to Taobao based off the passenger combat, recently started to write a specific project from Taobao customer, had previously recommended software named, later recommended by many friends love pillow, I think this is really recommended for everyone analogy to help customers direct operation of Taobao is still relatively large, so will continue to write some specific projects recommended article today together to explore the Taobao customers in lamps.

analysis of a market, we will inevitably see its market demand and competitive situation of Taobao customers, if the existence of a huge market demand, and not what competition, that means it still belongs to a blank market for Taobao customers, we would like to know what time is the most profitable and this time, it is a market has just started, your technology and food, promotion and bad, can also earn money.

1): through the Baidu index to see the potential demand for the product

in Baidu search light users are interest in this type of information, I hope to find out about the lighting information through Baidu, thus making a purchase decision, there are a large number of users search words, means that there are a lot of demand, it also means you can get a large number of websites flow.


And a few lamps lighting related keywords

through the above selection can be seen, the search volume is very large, and it is only a very small part of the keyword, just doubled, can dig out a large long tail keywords, that is to say, the user is looking for love online shopping information in the light, love to see in the light of online shopping information.

2): Taobao sales

said Taobao sales, I especially want a paragraph, is my personal experience of the decoration, in the 09 years to resign out of business, bought a house in Hangzhou married, my house decoration are almost all from Taobao, including a large toilet toilet, of course, not the light, I found this lamp piece price is not particularly expensive, but a house needs a lot, so a single have to buy lots of lights, three rooms have a large chandelier, a luxurious living room lamp, toilet and kitchen are light (where the light is another integrated ceiling where to buy), and the home office, room door, floor living room decorative lights. Here is a lot of, that is to say, a target IP may purchase a few thousand dollars a single thing. The following look at a search contrast figure, look at the lighting industry segments of the home improvement industry and large industry women’s search results for comparison.


this is the result of millions of women’s clothing, the results of the lamp is hundreds of thousands of levels, the market size of the lamp is very large. Here we look

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