CCTV at the domain name service provider unregulated porn network hard to close to

December 10th news the day before, the mobile phone Internet pornography information review news bulletin is everywhere. And last night, CCTV "focus" program of CCTV Zaibao Mengliao, to prove safety part of domestic domain agent service, said it was their unregulated causing porn can register multiple domain names, causing porn directly can not completely shut down.

the evening of 9, focus on the focus of the mobile internet porn site series reported that the theme of the six is out of control of the domain name". In the report of CCTV, pointed out that "some domain agent service providers mercenary, in charge of the huge amount of operating costs, but did not fulfill statutory duties, not strictly enforce the" real name system "review, the objective is to provide convenient conditions for pornographic websites."

this situation directly led to the weakening of the crackdown on pornographic websites, by filling out false information, registration of multiple domain names, you can ensure that the site will never close. Because, when one of the domain name of the site is closed, will use other domain names to re link the site to continue to spread pornographic, illegal profit.

CCTV said that if the domain name registration of false information continues to flood the low cost, even if there are more reports, no matter how much the fight, the phone is also difficult to eradicate Internet pornography. Domain name system management.

is the following "focus interview" program record:


since November, a large number of access to pornographic mobile phone sites are cut off, the domain name is blocked. However, recently there are a lot of people report can also be located in the network through the mobile phone pornographic websites outside.

November 29th, Jiangsu, Changzhou police arrested a pornographic mobile phone website of the suspect Zheng Jun hair. Police found that the yellow pages of Zheng Junfa’s recent operation had been blocked, but he changed the domain name, and quickly resurrected. According to the police investigation, Zheng Junfa won more than and 30.Cn domestic top-level domain, is through the network, and buy and rich network company registered the domain name registration, Zheng Junfa all the information is false information.

China’s domain name registration and management agency is China Internet Network Information Center, and its domestic domain name registration business license to all levels of registered service agents. In the accepted domain declaration agents at all levels, often do not comply with the relevant provisions of the real name registration, as long as they pay for. China Internet Network Information Center is not strictly according to the provisions of the domain name and the authenticity of the registration information submitted by the audit. Thus, there have been a large number of false registered information on the Internet domain name, which has brought great difficulty to combat mobile porn sites.

police found that the China Internet Network Information Center.Cn domain name to 25 yuan per year, the price of each of the wholesale agents to the registration agent, the registration agent to sell domain names when the applicant to earn the difference between them. According to >