Cancel BBS approval management and CN domain name development dilemma

two news reports can be linked together to look at the two day, one is about the State Council notice to cancel approval management BBS special report, is a "PPTN" initiative study "CN domain name registrations fell to fourth to recover the". Taking into account the semi annual report on China’s Internet development statistics released soon, I think, there are indications that the national domain name management agencies should have begun to re-examine the CN domain name management policy.

we know, once ranked second in the world at the end of 2008 CN, since last year’s political instability, not only the impact of COM on the location of the first, and from the world’s second fell to fourth, and the fourth continue. Although there are promising future voices CN domain name exists, however, in the absence of major policies favorable introduction of the premise, the short term CN domain name is not only the situation is not up to stop.

The development of

domain name market is nothing more than registration and use. At present, in the use of domain name, the State Council notice of cancellation BBS special approval management, can be regarded as reasonable adjustments to the use of domain name. But in the registration, registration of personal limit policy has not been canceled, from the current network calls, personal registration is open now, earlier represent the general trend, the news that the "open CN domain name registration scheme for individual" in the end how do, is already a desk, I still

?As the author of "CN

previously in the domain of global ranking fell sharply to fourth why?" said in an article, CN domain name registration real reason global ranking drop, not the CN domain name price increase, but the current CN domain management policy is not reasonable.

I noticed that the proposed "PPTN" article is proposed in the open CN domain name in the real name system of personal registration, this proposal is very reasonable, because the real name system can solve the "supervision", and open personal registration can solve the problem of the market boom in CN domain. Of course, open CN domain name registration is not simply allow individuals to register CN domain name so simple. In fact, the new program includes the domain name registration information audit and registration information management program, as well as the transfer of the domain name, trading, pointing, forwarding and other issues relaxed policy environment.

simply said that the existence of the domain name is to use, as long as the user’s use is reasonable and legitimate, decision-makers and managers do not need to limit, but also the right to limit. However, from the current situation, many restrictions on the policy, making the domain name can not be used, and even have a problem. In such an environment, CN domain name registration is an inevitable decline in the amount of inevitable. Now, the people’s post and Telecommunications initiative to examine and actively explore how to recover the lost territory of the CN domain, this issue is quite eye-catching.


1, the State Council notice to the competent authorities of the Internet useful inspiration, unreasonable policies, sooner or later to cancel.