The earthquake, my friends, how are you

May 12th, the outbreak of the 7.8 earthquake in Sichuan Wenchuan, Chengdu, more than and 90 km from Wenchuan, was also felt, I was on the 18 floor, feel the shaking after rushed to the stairs, but there is not steady, like the wind like a ship at sea. At first, we thought it was caused by the nearby construction site. There are several ladies fainted on the spot, fell to the ground, another old woman holding grandson asked us to save the children. In fact, at that time, who do not know can not live? I was thinking about dying, but there is a bit lucky, perhaps someone can dig out of us?.

these two days, in the sense of the 5 floor from time to time in the shake, watching the news that the aftershocks reached the highest level of 6. All deaths are many, I am not here to write data, hope the dead friends along the way; live friends should cherish life, make more contribution to society.

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