After 90 couples online casino two months to control over ten million funds

at the end of May 2013, home Qinghe District Dingmou playing online games, inadvertently found a "golden fried" and "landlords" chess website. After the game, he found that the site is essentially a gambling site, and then to the police station.

when the police will set up the site of the two suspects Wang Hua and Yan Fang captured, so that everyone is surprised that the two were actually 90, and are high school graduates. The erection of the gambling sites, their investment is little, but in 2 months, they control the users to accept gambling bank account recharge cumulative inflows of up to more than 1300 yuan.

delusional overnight, "90"

rush into danger.

Wang Hua rural home in Hubei, after graduating from high school, he went home to earn money. And all the workers, Wang Hua also dreamed that one day she can build up the family fortunes, homecoming. At the beginning of 2013, by chance, he saw on the Internet people that do chess website is very profitable, but also flourishes.

at the end of March last year, Wang Hua Taobao spent 4000 yuan, bought a Epro payment interface, then the Internet to find a selling chess website program of the seller, spent 4000 yuan to buy a set of procedures, and finally from a server by sixteen thousand monthly price merchants rented a the service is in for a good domain name, YeePay interface to connect to the web site and bind your own bank card, Wang Hua’s gambling website officially opened for business in April 1, 2013.

open gambling sites, a couple finally arrested

even Wang Hua himself did not expect, gambling site was launched on a very hot. According to his own, want to bet on this website, users must first register an account to your account in charge money, in exchange for game currency, the ratio is 1 yuan for 1 game currency, website landlords, golden fried, five, Hong Kong Style mahjong chess game for users. Bo, users can bet the gambling game currency, after the win the game you can find the staff exchange into RMB, and Wang Hua will be selected 5% of the royalty from each winner’s earnings in the office.

website is more and more popular, and constantly come in to participate in gambling, so Wang Hua also opened a gambling site, busy, but also pulled his girlfriend Yan Fang help transfer and management. Yan Fang is also 90, is Wang Hua in 2012 on the Internet, and later developed into a boyfriend and girlfriend, and live together. Yan Fang said, she just help Wang Hua simply take care of the site, to help game player and not from their money around, Wang Huachu money. As of the incident, two gambling websites registered users Wang Hua nearly 600 thousand of its control for users to accept gambling bank account recharge cumulative inflows of more than 1300 yuan.

recently, Qinghe court hearing of the case, Wang Huafan casino crimes, was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment, suspended for 5 years, and fined 1>