A word for Chinese nternet

      personal opinion, in today’s successful Internet companies, there is a trend: integration of product lines.

      Foreign Case:Google, in their search platform, launched a number of services, Google AdSense, Google translation, Geegle maps, desktop search, etc……. Formed its own unique product line; to their competitors and potential competitors caused unprecedented pressure.

      Microsoft: in addition to their own special operating system, launched a leisurely service formed product line, instant messaging, office software, game related products, training……

      Home Case: the integration of Electronic Commerce on the Internet Ali software, Baidu is now a leisurely products have been introduced, the traditional portal and game, blog, integrated search service……

      each IT session seems to have known that: I think I’m going to integrate the help of my business, I want to form a unique complete product line.

      undeniable, the Internet industry "big" is not recognized advantages. However, this rule only uses the contrast between "big" and "small"; when the "big" and "big" contrast, the same? For example, Microsoft and Google, if they are still in the ratio, I would like to say: TOO Naï ve, of course, they do not simply do so.

      they have come to realize that the most important thing for an enterprise is not "scale", but "brand""!

      Coca-Cola’s leaders have said that even if they plant a fire, he can also stand up with Coca-Cola brand!

      yes, the power of the brand is so powerful! Because the brand is rich in the use of the brand’s customers to enjoy the feelings and value, customers have a high degree of loyalty to a good brand!

      understand this, if you understand: hurt a person once, perhaps his loyalty to you will never find back.

      therefore, standing on the brand’s point of view, in terms of brand, almost every enterprise can not make mistakes. Once you make a mistake, you may be able to remedy it, but the cost will be extremely high!


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