Comparison of ten famous B2B websites

look at visibility, a variety of media, the major site of the navigation station are repeated some of the high-profile B2B platform, which provides a platform for the choice of B2B platform.

query the number of buyers basically query buyers inquiry can be published on the B2B platform, with your industry keywords and check to see where the station is on the inquiry number and release time, compare to other stations, will have a basic assessment on a platform, you can know the product is not suitable in this on the platform to do.

forum there are several people gathered on foreign trade forum, often discuss and B2B platform related things, to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each platform, such as "trade", "Fu", "United export" is a very good foreign trade forum.

go to Google if you are building materials, try "China building materials" as key words to search on the Google, the first B2B platform you see above, must be a good effect.

B2B platform has a saturation effect to choose which platform, check their products keywords in the industry, is not a lot of members, there are many products that you turned a few pages do not end? If you are the customer, you will have the patience of a point to open, turn to page ten continue to turn? If the vendors on the platform too much, can not guarantee their standing in the front, this platform has no effect on me.

2/8 online spread a lot of rules such as "1000 B2B" post, it seems the 1000 station to release the advertisement you invincible, but 98% of the website are not available to you, not seize several mainstream B2B platform, to concentrate on the business.

ten mainstream foreign trade B2B platform

Globalsources.Com global resources network is the most expensive price, usually companies to join the annual fee is between 100 thousand to 200 thousand. Its main line by the exhibition, magazines, CD publicity, the industry has the most advantage of electronic and gift categories. It is very strict auditing buyers, closing orders, order some more. It aimed at the customer base to large enterprises, small businesses choose carefully. Recently, the global resources and jointly launched a mechanical channel, fee of 40 thousand yuan, in October this year on the line, this is a signal to the global resources network online market.

Alibaba advantage is not much to say, we all know that he is the largest B2B platform, the effect is more obvious. Chinese suppliers on the platform to small and medium enterprises. Most suppliers cast this platform is cost-effective, the renewal rate is very high. Here to talk about the author’s concern: Ali too many sellers in China, combined with ALI platform allows buyers to send inquiries, resulting in fierce competition in the price, so Ali’s list of profits are low. >

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