Google China or outage agents said at least 10% of revenue

today, Google will be in Chinese operation ICP (Internet Content Provider Internet content provider license expiration date), at present, has not yet approved the application for renewal of licence expired after ICP, Google will not be able to continue in operation, Chinese, this change will also affect agents.

as early as a month ago, Google China has been in the internal notification agents, said that due to the ICP license issue, may not be able to continue operations, so that agents in the business development is ready." Yesterday, Google China in an agent in Southern China to the "First Financial Daily" said that Google Chinese flow loss even for cannot continue to operate has been estimated according to the statistics, Google Chinese, traffic accounted for about 30% of total traffic to Google China.

said the agency, it is for the above reasons, Google China in Google exit the Chinese market, the event subsided, but also requires agents should focus on international business operations. It is reported that the current business of Southern China agents Google 65% of revenue from the international market, only about 35% from the domestic market.

if can not continue to operate, the estimated total revenue impact of at least 10%." The Southern China agents said that in previous years, his annual growth rate of Google business has reached about 80%, but due to the impact of the event of Google’s exit from the Chinese market, the first quarter of this year, an increase of only about 40%.

the agent pointed out that can not continue to operate on Google China’s revenue in the coastal region of the agents should not be too large, but it is difficult to say on the mainland agents. Reporters found on the Google website, Google China has a total of 24 agents in the country, of which there are 8 agents in the mainland.

may be due to lack of confidence, Google China’s agent for China’s Web site has been unable to find Google’s LOGO, replaced by the Tencent search promotion in Xi’an.

In fact,

restimulate agents in confidence, "Google exit China market" after the incident subsided, Google vice president Liu Yun and Google China channel sales manager to thunder in April also visited several agents. Liu Yun said at the time, Google search is a kind of technology, innovative products, search engine advertising is one of the best ways to promote the enterprise internal and foreign trade, Google’s exit is only slightly changed the user search habits, but did not affect users of Google’s attention, Google will as in the past for the customer to provide the best service.

"do not yet know how much impact on the business." Google China, another unnamed agents also said that can not continue to operate, will definitely affect the domestic business, but it should not affect the international business.

although Google China’s agents are a bit wait-and-see

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