Music website charging scheme approved by the Department of clear online listening is still free

for music downloads recently on the end of the "free lunch" argument, reporters yesterday from Tencent QQ music responsible person understands that the charging scheme of several major music websites have been clearly support the major domestic and international record company and department and other government departments, next year will test the water quality music charges. However, he said, the quality of the library will always be free to open, hundreds of millions of users can always listen to millions of free online music.

download music or pay

next year

at present, the number of monthly active users of QQ music has exceeded 200 million in June 2012, is the largest digital music platform.

genuine music website and record industry revenue reduction is the main reason for their implementation charges. Haidie music chairman Lu Jian told reporters, at present the main source of income for digital music is Baidu and Tencent QQ music, in part by advertising into. Now many online music websites have barely nine days, including music, whale etc..

Tencent relevant responsible person said, the record company’s lack of piracy, the situation is particularly tragic. Record companies can not receive the money, Chinese artists can not earn money by selling records, but the record is mainly to earn fame, income depends on business to get. On the face of it, Chinese users get free music, but in fact it’s expensive, and artists lose the power to produce high quality music.

on the other hand, the user’s demand for high quality has become an opportunity for them to implement charges.

has many companies in the digital music subscription model explored for many years, such as the Tencent in 2006 launched the VIP membership value-added services, green users pay 10 yuan per month, can enjoy massive songs, Download genuine high-quality music, QQ music and record companies into their income. 2008 began to explore the business model, including online first, the first concert, the next line of the ticket market expansion.

ordinary quality music will always be free to open

According to Tencent

said earlier this year, the record company proposed in 2013 the idea of allowing users to music downloads, quickly get Baidu, QQ music, cool dog, cool music and other large SP support, also received the support of the government. For the record companies, which can increase revenue; for music service companies, which means that the adoption of a more sustainable business model.

"We support genuine and paid, because this is beneficial to the healthy growth of the entire music industry. Industry health, in order to produce more high-quality music. As an important game player an industry, if the environment is not good, we are very difficult to own, so we can support. Of course, support genuine and payment is unlikely to happen overnight. Need government, record companies, music companies." QQ music official said.

, however, many users have to deal with the cost of a misunderstanding, worried that the rules can not be heard after the implementation of SP download payment rules free music. Actually >

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