The outcome had been just one percent seat school

        campus was launched in November 2005, occupying a seat is launched in February 2006, the time is very close. But after a year of development, the school has become the majority of students will be on the site, and a while get investment, after the force is still suffering oppression, but also increasing destruction. One of the reasons, examples, please see the following decomposition.


        school advantage


        1 strong executive team is not good, this point is not possible in the school funds are not well-off, carry out the "Campus Ambassador" promotional activities in various colleges and universities, to spend 2 yuan to buy a user, but also to ensure the authenticity of information users. The fact that this approach is very successful, but also to prove that the team is not general.

        2 in imitation of Facebook indeed is the people with an air of importance, grasp the essence of (user experience, SNS concept), get a good product. In fact, in the domestic copy foreign mode is difficult to succeed, but the school is the achievement of a back to the accident.

        3, of course, to be successful, the light has a good product is not enough, good operation is the key to success, as the wheat brother said: from the product terms, the campus network is copied Facebook; but from the operational level, the campus network has made some important the innovation, such as the "campus ambassador".

        4 "schools" launched, marking the school in its portal route has taken a solid step forward, also reduced the number of QQ users to transfer, enhance user stickiness, is very conducive to the long-term development of the site.


        5 in the school has established a relatively clear profit model, the school’s main profit model is advertising and business cooperation, and rely on independent investment means to develop advertising business. The characteristics of its advertising for large advertisers, and according to the relationship between the advertising content and the characteristics of college students targeted advertising. The number of ads is less quality, and wide coverage, high arrival rate. At the same time, the school also try to put in the school, class, personal page of the school’s surrounding advertisers advertising, so as to achieve precision marketing.


        occupy the advantage of

        1 a large amount of investment

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