New regulations to prevent the payment of the third party payment network alienation of nternet Ban

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December 28th, the central bank introduced the non bank payment institutions online payment service management approach (hereinafter referred to as the "approach"), a stone stirred waves.

Internet payment is the basis for the development of Internet banking." This is the central bank to set the tone for online payment.

compared to the end of July this year’s draft, the official introduction of the "measures" there are two major changes. First, the individual payment account from the two category expanded to three categories; the two is based on the classification of payment agencies to assess the implementation of the real name system and pay the account, the implementation of the classification of payment agencies.

always has third party payment companies complain too strict supervision, but in my opinion they forget that the third party payment before there is no legal support, this world except Chinese any country is permitted by law in addition to banks can also have other money account? Now the central bank acknowledged the legal status of the account already, is a huge change from scratch.

if only a single amount or daily amount did not achieve the desired amount of air, like bitch everywhere complain, also with highfalutin "user" to "the central bank".

previously, part of the agency prior to the single limit of $5000 for the draft a criticism, said the amount may not be enough you have a credit card bill, if the monthly consumption of ten thousand yuan repayment is two times. Now class II households to pay a single day limit increased to 10000 yuan, almost everyone needs to meet.

at the same time the central mother did not limit the amount of death, but also to increase the amount of leave a hole. The central bank stressed that the next step, the people’s Bank of bank services and risk management will be the case, the class II and class III households account functions and limits to optimize and adjust." In addition, there is a limit to pay the balance of the account is paid, bank card payment is not restricted oh.

look, the company has to pay this point can not be affected by any grievances, but new things are slowly space in the development process of extrusion, you may not pay the company a go to everyone to get out of the way, you make a way out.

as one of the third party payment chiefs said to the author, the technical progress of payment today, regulatory tolerance can do more things." Although the previous draft had made the payment industry Voices of discontent. But he thinks, from the direction of view, regulators still have been relaxed.

payment account classification regulation

can be seen, the central bank issued 28 online payment management approach with the 25 release of "the people’s Bank of Chinese on improving the individual bank account service account management notice" to strengthen the inside of the spirit is the same.

regulatory approach is to prevent the payment of the company alienation as network banking". Third party payment agencies should return to its birth mission: small convenience, service in e-commerce.


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