Diamond bird Xu Lei nternet entrepreneurs do intellectual success


from a large professional students to online business treasure diamonds, Xu Lei and many entrepreneurs are the same, start empty-handed. The difference is that he wants to be in an era of rapid development of the Internet, the operation of one of the most traditional industries. In the view of Xu Lei, China himself as the second generation of "treasure people should learn more things than their predecessors. In addition to professional knowledge, but also learn to keep pace with the times, master the means of science and technology to develop the cause of diamonds.

The birth of

"Diamond bird" is the embodiment of Xu Lei’s wisdom. On October 2011, diamond bird online transaction is a 8 million yuan note, creating a B2C industry turnover highest price record. Today, mention "Diamond bird", quasi bride knows that is to buy the diamond accessories shop. At present, the diamond bird has accumulated 300 thousand consumer users, while in Shanghai, diamond bird has accounted for a share of the market share of the wedding of 10%.

market opportunities are always ready for people,

"digital business age": in the 90s of last century, you began to contact the diamond, is it out of curiosity or really like this industry?

Xu Lei: I grew up like this line, so the University also chose a professional jewelry appraisal. I am very glad that our generation can learn this knowledge systematically. You know, the past "Kam Po are people with years of experience, and now the" old Chinese ", the older the better qualifications. Today, they have accumulated more than a hundred years of experience we can easily learn, I am really happy.

"digital business times": when did you start working as an apprentice to a diamond trader?

Xu Lei: in 1995, the jewelry identification graduates is very popular, I was assigned to the old temple of gold, the master is now Laofengxiang chairman Zhang Lufei. At that time, in addition to the diamond identification, I also learned the process of jewelry processing, which is a good experience for me.

also at that time, the Internet swept across China, the Chinese people’s vision has been widened, diamond business from time to time more and more fire. I was young wanted to accomplish great things, so did three months left, going overseas gold.

"digital business times": a lot of people who go abroad to find gold in the local development opportunities, and you have chosen to return to the country, which is why?

Xu Lei: I was with a dream to study the Royal College of fine arts division, and later read two years of GIA qualification. At that time, after returning home found that the China Diamond Exchange has just been established, I was shocked by the changes brought about by domestic development, so made the decision to return home.

"digital business times": today we see the success of the diamond bird, a lot of people to your evaluation is "intellectual man", think >

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