Webmaster nets daily broadcast electricity providers to grab each other, said the site of the breach

1, electricity providers compete for logistics sites: the fastest in July can be a courier license

originally mutually beneficial coexistence of electronic business platform and logistics industry, is currently staged a battle for the site. On the one hand, represented by Alibaba business tycoon and courier companies closely "marriage"; on the other hand, the Jingdong submitted a National Mall, where the "express business license" Application in courier business; and Shen Tong, SF, tact and other courier companies hope to pass to build their own online shopping platform for the sniper……

electricity supplier in the face of the dispute with the logistics industry insiders said that the two have a close relationship, it is necessary to integrate these two business difficulties. Electricity supplier and courier, like the left hand and right hand, two hands waving at the same time will inevitably collide with each other."

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2, hackers claimed to break the China Telecom network released 900 background password

Beijing time on June 4th morning news, a hacker organization called Swagg Security announced that it has breached the Warner Bros. and China Telecom network, and released the relevant documents and login certificate. Swagger Security also known as SwaggSec, the organization on Sunday through the Pirate Bay file connection to share the above information. Since the beginning of this year, SwaggSec has been very active, but also stole the Foxconn order system user name and password.

SwaggSec said China Telecom data contains 900 network administrator user name and password, which is obtained through an insecure SQL server. SwaggSec implanted a piece of information in China Telecom’s network to inform the company. The SQL server has been removed, but the problem has not been resolved.

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3, Google’s acquisition of reliable network identification service provider KikScore

Beijing on June 4th news, according to U.S. technology blog The Next Web reported that the U.S. Internet trusted certification logo service provider KikScore on Friday (June 1st) announced that the company has been acquired by Google. The industry believes that Google’s move is intended to expand its Store store (Trusted) project size, and enhance the confidence of users in a wider range of online shopping.

Compared to

, Google trusted stores more emphasis on e-commerce performance itself, KikScore technology is more emphasis on establishing a trust relationship between consumers and businesses. Google’s acquisition of KikScore, is likely to mean that Google hopes to expand the scale and scope of its trusted store project.

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