Taobao joined the C2C in hypocritically congratulations to Baidu

      news suddenly said, Baidu announced that e-commerce will be released C2C platform". "Congratulations to Baidu," Taobao spokesman Lu Weixing said, "as long as the company added, regardless of whether the Internet business, is good for China online shopping market at present, like every day there are many various shopping sites was born."

      I think this word is so fake. Pondering how, how much do:

      1, the first sentence, as long as there is a company to join, from the beginning to avoid the positive discussion of Baidu to join the issue, the Baidu push far;

      2, second words ", regardless of whether the Internet companies continue to pull the topic to more" macro "height, if the first sentence also see the shadow of Baidu, the second sentence has put Baidu into the direction to go not to the point;

      3, third words "like at present every day there are many various shopping sites was born" – down Oh, I said not to see the shadow of Baidu, the original directly to Baidu with those of a cipher threw a pile of thousands on thousands of people went to the house. And the feeling is not yet finished, then the total reminiscent of every day there are a lot of shopping sites to die"……

      to sum up, congratulations to Baidu to join C2C camp this message on a word: false! Implied: contempt.

      in fact, when the QQ giant pat to push out, and in the Taobao is digging people is Hing thing, get Ma very upset. The Baidu giant today to join the C2C, I do not know how much impact to Taobao and even threats.

      Ma Qigan defiance, at least is strategic defiance, tactical importance. Big Mac confrontation, it must be a wonderful blockbuster worth looking forward to.

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