2010 Guangdong webmaster conference to create a new platform for cooperation with the owners of ente

the afternoon of June 6th, sponsored by the Guangdong Association of Internet marketing Specialized Committee Guangzhou webmaster club, around the "webmaster to join the industry innovation and development, to create a new platform for cooperation and business owners" as the theme of the 2010 Guangdong (Guangzhou) Internet industry conference website marketing conference held in Guangzhou Science museum.

the general assembly of the organizers are: A5 webmaster network only network Federation of Dongguan City Network Culture Association, attended the media are: Guangdong TV, Nanfang Daily, new express, Guangzhou daily, etc..


the meeting mainly around the grassroots webmaster how to cooperate with the enterprise, the common development of the profit model; analysis of the present and the future of the Internet, explore the local vertical industry website operation experience, how to operate e-commerce websites and other topics.

Zhou Hongbo, Secretary General of the Guangdong Computer Association, delivered a speech in which he was brought into the topic with witty language. He believes that the development of the Internet today, it is the basis of today’s high-tech, including the Internet, cloud computing is a protagonist.

he said that the Internet is the basis of the IT industry, the owners are engaged in a new career; he encourages grassroots webmaster who want to become a new generation of Internet leader.


"you can tolerate a website opened in the number of seconds: 8s, 15s, 30s, 60s or longer?" sponsored by China to design a simple question with his point of view. He mentioned that the value of IDC in the network marketing, talking about the four key words: speed, stability, filing, pseudo rules.


has always stressed that he is a grassroots webmaster Guo Jijun also delivered a speech at the meeting, he expressed the fun way to share with the owners of his experience and views of the station.


has 8 years of experience in e-commerce Wang Congyun on the stage that the individual owners to take the e-commerce route, combined with e-commerce, is the way out.


A5 at this time he also went to the scene, mainly with the webmaster to share a website promotion experience, and analysis of the excellent results, and some of the current Internet opinion.

In addition, the major

have also published their own experience of the station, the exchange of experience with each other.


conference, the organizers also held a variety of quiz activities, set up a wealth of prizes to promote the climax of the general assembly.

look forward to the future, Guangzhou’s Internet and what kind of new opportunities?

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