Shanghai website into the public security supervision system

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Bo Intern Cao Zhiguang) reporter yesterday from the Municipal Public Security Bureau "network social credit network cooperation to promote the meeting was informed that since the 2009 launch of the credit network, currently, the exposure of illegal information dishonest staff ID and website 2512, all kinds of illegal fraud SMS version 71, involving more than 21 messages.

at the same time, through the network credit reporting platform to accept all kinds of illegal sites, illegal website information on verified to take measures to shut down, the illegal website and run of exposure. According to reports, the net credit reporting platform and the traditional "Q" type of platform is different, it is supervision to the netizen complain authenticity and website reply, do not reply on websites and complaints of Internet users exposed chaos. As of January 30th this year, has dealt with the 4976 report of information, the closure of counterfeit banks, securities and other illegal websites of 221.

"do not think that put on a vest I do not know you" is among netizens ridicule each other’s words, but also a social network now chaos — one of the characteristics of the current network for non real name, part of the website and users publish and disseminate false information, causing harm to the society, and many Internet users have think you need not responsible.

for this reason, the Municipal Public Security Bureau network security corps in 2009 launched a credit network, has been investigated by the public security of all types of illegal personnel, illegal websites, SMS fraud exposure. At the same time, the credit network will also break the true identity of individuals, illegal plot and other content available to the Shanghai credit Co., Ltd., its direct impact on the reality of loans, credit card applications and other activities.


users have a similar experience: online search for a moving company, the results of all different, each claiming to be "authentic" results until moving personnel door, only to find that a "black trackbacks". According to the people’s livelihood information service in network search the phenomenon of dragons and fishes jumbled together, the credit honesty and integrity development network search site navigation two projects, different from the traditional search engine for display results, here the search results are decided by the authenticity of the site, the site navigation push is moving, air tickets, housekeeping, medical care, home appliance repair after verification and authentication information of the people’s livelihood. At present, the professional certification of the integrity of the search site up to 13 thousand, integrity navigation information of the 3600.

, a dishonest, always limited is an international social credit management punishment practice, Shanghai will have any measures in this regard? According to the Municipal Public Security Bureau network security corps captain Cao Zhongping said that in the future the city will gradually establish a netizen integrity archives, collect users in a wide range of activities to establish archives Shanghai integrity of public archives, and gradually realize the multi site identity information management association and dishonesty alarm distribution function. In addition, Shanghai will also explore the establishment of the site to start the gray list, blacklist system, the site opened in the website of the public security regulatory system. For the first time illegal, dishonest, the site for real name exposure, and the start-up of all the sites to focus on supervision; two

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