Ali phpwind released a new version of the introduction of Taobao sellers resources

news August 2nd, Alibaba’s general station software and services provider phpwind released new product phpwind 8 official version, this version of the continuation of "community portal" concept, and strengthen the direction of media gateway. Xiao Ruizhe, vice president of phpwind, said the release of the new version of the day to download up to 300 thousand.

according to reports, phpwind 8 includes a version of the forum, portal, personal center, group, social networking applications, and micro-blog has characteristics of "new", to further improve the small and medium-sized local portal sites, the value of the media. At the same time for the community to provide 9 sets of vertical industry portal page template, such as real estate, marriage, family, personnel etc..

currently, phpwind 8 has a community buy function. Community Taobao group is a depth of cooperation and Taobao project, currently only a number of phpwind docking site assessment, there is no public release plan.

it is worth noting that, after the phpwind was Ali group income capsule, open and docking with Taobao open platform, the introduction of Taobao’s high-quality sellers resources into the community, to bring more revenue to the community. Last week, phpwind launched the Amoy link, Amoy satisfaction will be on the line this week, in addition, the community mall Amoy mall is also planning. Phpwind technical director Chen Liaohan believes that e-commerce will become the focus of future development of community sites.

"Amoy link" is the community e-commerce website profitable way, and does not change in the premise of not affecting the original community website user experience, does not occupy the community advertising resources, converting website links for ordinary Taobao income Taobao customer link, realize the site owner’s hidden income. At the same time, phpwind also provides a traffic based on the site, Taobao link clicks, membership order transactions, Taobao business transactions to provide a comprehensive statistical analysis.

phpwind was founded in September 2002, has a total of more than 600 thousand sites using phpwind, there are 1000 new sites every day, there are one hundred million people gathered every day, 50 million new information, access to more than 1 billion pages. May 2008, phpwind joined Alibaba group, Alibaba cloud computing strategic products.

              phpwind 8 officially released to enhance the value of small and medium-sized community


              regional sites entered the era of PHPwind8.0 from

released about feudal lords vying for the throne

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