Webmaster network daily broadcast AP fee will be ThinkPHP deposit loopholes

1, Alibaba to re enable the yisou.com test version of the Amoy video

sina science and technology news April 13th morning news, Alibaba’s yisou.com domain name has recently been re enabled, Alibaba said that the move due to the new version of the test video amoy. "Search" (www.yisou.com) prior to YAHOO’s search brand, launched in September 2004, August 2005 with Yahoo China assets with the acquisition of Alibaba. Amoy video on the official micro-blog April 11th news release, "Amoy video" brand upgrade to a search, and enable the yisou.com domain name. Amoy video (v.tao123.com) for Alibaba’s navigation site Amoy site (www.tao123.com) sub brand, mainly for video search.

2, ThinkPHP framework for the explosion of the vulnerability of the site recommended 360 patch

news April 13th, days before the cloud platform vulnerability report claimed that the ThinkPHP framework "URI value of arbitrary code execution vulnerabilities, hackers can take to execute arbitrary PHP code on the website, and even get the server administrator privileges, with other sites on this server may also be implicated. In this regard, 360 website security testing platform for the first time to join the detection rules, and the presence of the vulnerability of the site to send an alarm message and repair recommendations.

3, China yesterday, a large area of China Unicom Unicom telecom network fault

According to

webmaster network news, yesterday morning about 10:40, a large number of Internet users reflect Chinese broken network, unable to access overseas website, but also in foreign China Chinese users reflect cannot login website, but China domestic website did not affect the normal. This phenomenon began to ease at 12:20 or so, to restore access to overseas websites.

for this sudden situation, it was thought that this is the backbone of China Telecom communications network failure. However, China’s two broadband carriers Telecom and Unicom stakeholders yesterday denied the backbone of the network failure. Telecommunications experts Hou Ziqiang pointed out that if the backbone of the telecom operators do not have problems, then the network can not access the Internet is the end of the software problem.

4, Microsoft will be Bing search API charges $40 per

query 20 thousand

Beijing time on April 13th morning news, Microsoft has announced that it will be Bing search application interface (API) from a free service into a toll service. Through Bing search API, developers can integrate their own applications and web search service.

in the next few months, Bing search API will become Microsoft Azure Marketplace application store in an application. Microsoft’s pricing for the app is $40 per month for $20 thousand. Microsoft said that by receiving the service >

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