24 pot 3 solar term domain name suffix 72 Pinyin M

spring harvest, agriculture has been the development of a large China farming industry, since ancient times has attracted more attention, more "twenty-four solar term" to guide farming, rain Qing Gu Jing spring days, summer manwang summer, autumn dew autumn frost, snow snow winter chill. 24 solar terms, 24.COM Pinyin domain name, 24.CN domain name, the 24.COM.CN domain name, you know what?


spring spring cleaning day surprised 6 solar term Larry.COM domain name

spring is the beginning of spring, is also the first solar term 24 solar term, the lichun.com/.cn/.com.cn domain name is registered, as rice farmers hold, interesting is that the Taiwan lichun.com.tw station using the domain name suffix, is a garbage collection company official domain name. The rain is the second solar term, yushui.com/.com.cn domain names are registered, in addition, Yushui is not only the rain, also can be regarded as "Yushui, bath" combination of Chinese characters. Jingzhe Larry domain jingzhe.com/.cn/.net/.org also early was registered by a space, wherein the jingzhe.org domain name is a personal blog site.

equinoxes, equinox and equinox in 24 solar term ranking 4, Larry domain chunfen.com/.cn/.net were registered an empty, interesting, chunfen.com information display is registered in 2010, the original domain name, chunfen.com was deleted due to expire, after being booked in the bidding minon, the domain name was registered in early 2005. Qingming rain have, the pedestrian on the road ", April 4th Tomb-sweeping Day, pay homage to the ancestors, Qingming were registered after Larry domain qingming.com/.cn/.com.cn. Guyu.com is the Guyu Pinyin domain name, Guyu also "archaic and ancient domain".Cn/.com.cn Pinyin, and other suffixes are held for others.

Xia manwang summer 18 domain name "cook"

after spring enters summer "summer" – the beginning of summer, the lixia.com/.cn/.com.cn/.net domain name registered by a space, these names are still in the ice, and Larry domain xiaoman.com/.cn/.net domain name although Xiaoman has been registered, but the application of small station. Grain in ear is mangzhong.com/.cn/.com.cn also become the hands of farmers.

the day of the summer solstice, the sun is almost direct Tropic of cancer, at this time, the longest day of the northern hemisphere. Xiazhi.com/.cn/.com.cn "spoken", which was registered in 2004 for the Shanghai summer solstice Industrial Ltd > xiazhi.com

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