Li Xiang turning himself into the T world, director

on the high speed to maintain predictability, to become a director. Li Xiang

PCPOP is the third largest Chinese IT professional website. 2005 revenue of nearly 20 million, profit of $10 million. Take 20 times the price earnings ratio, market value of 200 million. Founder Li Xiang a dominant, worth more than 100 million. This year, Li Xiang 24 years old, entrepreneurship for 6 years.

in addition to the Internet, the car is Li Xiang’s favorite. He drives very fast. Everybody is going to go out from the Houhai Sanhuan Jingchang high-speed. The back of the car just to the ring, he has turned to Jingchang road. People who drive a lot of cars, but speed up, it is inevitable that more brakes. But there is a kind of fast can be controlled and run a complete ring not on the brakes; car Polo in Beijing running 100 thousand kilometers, one did not rub off. This is the style of Li Xiang, "on the high speed to maintain predictability, to become a director".

do manly things, but the use of safe practices.

actually 6 years of entrepreneurship with the car running around the city is also a similar style, the two words: Shun, stable. 1999, 18 year old guy’s personal website by the Internet advertising to earn a profit of about $100 thousand, a year of high school graduation, mediocre results, to give up the University and direct entrepreneurship should be". In 2002, Li Xiang said goodbye to her parents, recruiting moved from Shijiazhuang to Beijing, began a formal business operations". Since then, PCPOP’s advertising sales increased by more than 100% a year, in 2005, and from IT products to the automotive industry expansion. Today, was booming, into the Zhongguancun cubs online website either stalled or disappeared, leading Zhongguancun online and are backed by Pacific online media or hypermarkets and resources, the strongest momentum PCPOP simply rely on endogenous growth. Xiao Li think, how to do?

look at these simple qualities.

Li Xiang’s Law: if one thing more than others to pay 5% of the effort, you may get someone else’s return of 200%. Do things seriously. Li Xiang is asking everyone around him every day, because he is the beneficiary of this way. Like going to a new show, Li Xiang requires the PCPOP article to other media first, even 5 minutes faster than others, perhaps you would therefore do more homework, sleep less than 10 minutes, but the result is that all second days are you in the forum website. The recognition of the manufacturers, advertising investment will come.

don’t think of myself as a businessman, he grew up in the countryside, the most important thing in life is to be "like farmers like integrity". Each company to the development of a Kaner, there is a strong partner in time to join, because of sincerity, so these people are always with me". Li Xiang dare to say that in all IT network media, PCPOP is the only one not money with the manufacturers team; anyone receiving money will be automatically pushed out of the team, there is a "ideal" of the atmosphere too.


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