nternet + dining can be more than O2O this gesture to get these five trends you will enter the real

first PO a HUAWEI staff dining place, which is simply the canteen industry, the other people’s restaurant, now, like 360, NetEase, millet and more and more enterprises are more and more attention to the staff’s diet. Group meals are also more and more into the public view.


What is

so meal for everyone? PO about meals here: refers to the consumer to shop, and the supplier in order to form groups, to door-to-door service. Customer groups agreed with the service provider through the agreement, to provide quantitative food products and site related services according to certain standards and service mode.

relative to social meals, the group meal has been ignored in the market, but in the past two years, the market has begun to pay attention to the market as the consumer upgrade, the market gradually pick up. The "2015 group meals 50 companies analysis report" shows: the group meal has accounted for 30% of the share Chinese catering industry, the rise of the main consumer groups of young 80/ 90 in development to a more professional, more diversified in the direction of drive group catering enterprises.

can not only take away meals, catering and dining out, group meals may be more and more popular in the future, entrepreneurs, you seize this trend? If you know little about it, along with the star school (Startup-Partner.com) small, understand the group meal the 5 development trend of


Hall Food takeaway stand group meals market brings new opportunities for

group meal service object covers the enterprise and government organizations, large and medium-sized enterprises, communities, universities and primary and secondary schools, conferences and other activities outside the group, covering a wide range of. Such a consumer structure to meet the catering business to market, diversified development.

but on the current market situation in our country, in 2015, for example, the group of 50 enterprises operating income of more than $7 billion and above accounted for only, 10-30 billion yuan accounted for 12%, 6-10 billion yuan accounted for 18%, 3-6 billion yuan accounted for. More than half of the annual revenue of enterprises concentrated in single digits (100 million yuan), 30-70. In the future, this situation will break. More and more small and medium sized group meal companies began to force, from the product to the service experience will be made to improve, which will greatly reduce the gap between large enterprises. Orderly competition in the market, will be the birth of more small and medium sized enterprises.

2, technology to accelerate the improvement of the industrial chain, the market into the blue ocean

large-scale catering enterprises need a full set of industrial chain to support, and technology upgrades will be able to give consumers a better experience.

industry group meal service objects in large scale, and involved in food safety issues sensitive, from the management of the production base, agricultural and sideline products distribution, central kitchen production, cold chain logistics, on-site catering management and service of any one link leaks, but also let a headache thing. Science and technology

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