The number of cloud received 30 million yuan A round of financing to build a lightweight PaaS platfo

March 2nd, the number of cloud announced that the company completed thirty million yuan A round of financing, the financing and venture capital investment led by the cloud, ceyuan, hunting and only two of the world’s leading IT manufacturers with the vote. The financing will be mainly used for product development and market development. "Cloud" was formally established in September 2014, and get millions of dollars in angel investment.

founder and CEO Wang Pu stressed that cloud computing will reshape the traditional enterprise service industry chain. At present, the IaaS layer is relatively mature, SaaS layer is also booming, only the PaaS layer is relatively weak.


Based on this

, the number of cloud is committed to creating the next generation of DCOS (Data Center Operating System), will play through the application of elastic lightweight PaaS platform better. Manage all kinds of computing resources of the enterprise, and carry on various services.

Wang Pu cited a video customer case, when the load comes, the number was first with the container, let him more applications in the calculation of container deployment of existing resources, at the same time to help him apply more computing resources in the cloud, and then deploy more applications. As a result, a sufficient amount of computing resources and applications can help him carry large traffic.


The traditional

PaaS, flexible management of application did not play in place, by contrast, the number of cloud DCOS native support for cluster management micro service architecture, with a mixed enterprise container cluster management, support node scale million, support ability of big data and machine learning, and hybrid cloud deployment capabilities four advantages.

Wang Pu served as Google architect for Google cloud technology development trend of concept, number of cloud products and market positioning stamp. The founding team from Google, red hat and HP, has a wealth of distributed research and development capabilities and platform operation experience.

It is reported that in 2015 the number was

, a production level container cluster number was 1000 on the line, management of cloud host, 50 thousand container operation. The next few years, the number of clouds will turn around the application of elasticity, cross network capacity to provide more proprietary enterprise function.

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