n terms of user experience Diao fried days why your marketing is rotten dregs

we are living in a cool Hyun era, because resources can be shared.

was all frogs, guarding their own third of an acre, holding the iron and steel smelting furnace…… Now all kinds of brush network, traffic accident was also sent to my circle of friends…… If everyone in the year is designed for a technician, and now the information age, we are a small encyclopedia, it will not be able to search the phone.


"information" surplus, so that we get a variety of channels to absorb nutrients, the world’s requirements are also getting higher and higher. In the face of more and more high-end, sophisticated user needs, to do the product, do promotion, marketing, what are the particular user experience?

you send gum after a meal, I can be equipped with mobile phone anti splash protection sleeve in the Hot pot soup "shop; you give the user discount, sending gift set, I’m free of charge directly to the user…… Increasingly competitive era, the user experience, you have to play a play Diao fried days".

but why your marketing is bad or



first, the gimmick is too great for any of the user experience for the purpose of marketing is playing rogue

a lot of time, a number of marketing activities to do a good job, but also get the money to fight, won the eye of quite a large number of users, but ultimately still can not escape the fire on the death of a cool on the end of the fate.

Uber, a foreign hot taxi software, into the Chinese market is not so optimistic. We give an example, one day, I received a Uber coupon, feeling the moment can spend less money to try high force taxi experience, so a Uber called the car, the driver said: "I also installed Uber, novice is novice, go though remote, but it is is the old driver can know


miserable miserable in the master does not know the destination, okay, with navigation, the most miserable scene here, the master opened a new 4G mobile phone network is not good, so the higher the Uber network used to take us around a long circle…… Just to a ratio, why let me pay the fare.

coupons, all kinds of stars into the Uber ads play well, it is better to the mainland, the user experience to consolidate it.

express is easy and rich treasure.

first saw when take the express courier easy so tall on the pattern, or very happy (one in the express little brother can not find, you can leave with a password from the small cabinet combination). But before long, you will find easy to express more than 48 hours to leave the user fees, the problem is, when you express little brother with easy to express without my consent, I take the money would go to express the mood how


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