2016 things to keep the brand marketing marketing rational

How fast the

brand awareness? Advertising, celebrity endorsements or money? Of course, the two ways is convenient but also money, small businesses can not afford, so small and medium-sized enterprises how to choose the brand marketing? Personally, a good copywriter will enlarge the brand price, a good hot mix have a good copy of the infinite possibility of brand exposure, so if there is a great promoter of


small and medium-sized enterprise brand propaganda basic preparation:

small and medium-sized enterprise brand marketing has at least two people, a good copy (will do map), a good promotion hand (Qu Daoduo). Or a few good copy and a good promotion team. In fact, the public relations department is also responsible for the copy, the marketing department is also responsible for the launch of the channel, here is not to say that the details of the enterprise post division.


marketing occasion difficult? Is very important to predict the hot news. A word that has not been searched, because of a large number of events caused by a large number of concerns, the relevant index surge, such as in March this year, suddenly triggered a global epidemic of A4 waist.


cases of 1:A4 waist fire, you are anticipating the




On the morning of March 15, 2016

8:51, actress Zhang Li micro-blog Slide Show with a A4 paper show waist, then lead the people to show the waist, girls show enthusiasm figure who can’t stop, whether star or grassroots Xiu Qi waist. So, this time to sell your office supplies, you can seize the opportunity to prepare a good copy in a timely manner, timely attack


so WAL-MART did it:


: 2 cases of the Rio Olympic Games is hot, a global adult website is also an occasion to

is a world’s largest pornographic website is unwilling in the occasion of this activity is to face backward, landing system will be based on a certain website, IP address information to determine whether the user is in Rio, if it is, then the user can get a premium account of this website for free, and can enjoy the embarrassing video service.


3: not really taking advantage of the marketing, brand marketing can also auxiliary news source

There are many ways to

brand marketing, in theory, from the media, WeChat public number, the forum, all channels are brand marketing. Taking into account the huge amount of search engine users, and sometimes the news source is also a good way to. News source how to do brand marketing is actually very simple, the most important is the title, the title generally covers the brand words, product keywords. And this is the need for a certain fee, of course, I think if the title does not appear in the brand word, and the word appears in the text of the brand, the effect is actually >

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