Liu Yu includes from the perspective of enterprise management of the construction of marketing websi

with the fine development of network marketing. A lot of ideas and the whole system is gradually mature. The concept of marketing website also arises at the historic moment. Electronic commerce and network marketing is no longer a hazy, scarce mystery guest. In 2009, the emergence of a large number of network marketing companies have shown that the enterprise network promotion will enter an unprecedented spring. Liu Yuhan said: Although the end of the network to the crackdown, many personal AdSense and small network promotion team head-on poured a pot of cold water. However, from the perspective of the promotion of the entire network environment, the legal system is sound and management norms are being honed and setbacks gradually mature and perfect. Enterprises to seize this opportunity to re-enter the network, expanding marketing channels will be a very good time. "Lei Yue Longmen, brave immortal".

customers dowenqi promotion friends: we suggest that the enterprises entered the network marketing doors are generally start from the enterprise website. Enterprise management is based on profit. So we should also build marketing website for their own purposes. Liu Yu said here in the marketing type website is not equivalent to the general shopping website. It is a comprehensive reflection of a set of marketing theory system. A qualified marketing type website, the customer in the visit of your time is equivalent to your business entity visits and visits. If the customer is thousands of miles away, then he will not be able to buy tickets, air tickets. Hurry fatigued by a long journey of suffering. You can have a comprehensive understanding of the strength and quality of your website. Communicate with online sales staff. Can achieve cooperation intentions. Get rid of the complex interpersonal relationship chain of traditional marketing channels. Greatly reduce marketing costs. Let a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises have more opportunities for fair competition with large enterprises tongtaijingji.

how can we really build a marketing website?

Liu Yu here mainly want to talk about the construction of marketing enterprise website from the perspective of enterprise management. I believe that many companies have experienced this process a few years ago. Companies feel that e-commerce should be good. Directly finalized by the manager or department manager. Contact website construction company. Website construction company out a plan. List a pile of technical principles and website function module. Corporate executives with their own feelings. I think it makes sense to cooperate. With one or two months time, enterprise website was born. After the completion of the simple upload some of the enterprise information, no matter what the industry news reprint. Just waiting for customers to come. Look forward to the results of e-commerce. Sense of fashion get an online consultation, and then account directly to the customer service. The left and right no news, not business, not in the first half, almost everyone on the crop are completely forgot. The boss also regret to put money into naught. What benefits do not get.

ordinary web site construction companies know more about web design technology, the traditional marketing principles and channels are not proficient. The site planning book is most often apply a few fixed template, and the actual demand from sales. For >

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