Several key points of micro-blog marketing in Enterprises

with the rapid development of the Internet, micro-blog has become a social network of people’s favorite, just two years time, micro-blog’s development throughout every corner of the country, more and more people into the micro-blog control.

At present, Sina micro-blog

and micro-blog two micro-blog Tencent is the current mainstream platform, micro-blog users are the two basic carved up, a huge crowd can give you bring many opportunities? Some sensitive people have already started at micro-blog, planning how to use the micro-blog platform for marketing to the enterprise, for the benefit of the enterprise. E-commerce types of enterprises to do network marketing micro-blog relatively early, there are some brands are constantly trying, and some have been harvested. Today, I will discuss with you the problem of micro-blog marketing.

an accurate positioning, clear target customers

China have a saying called eat hot tofu, quick success across the board approach, also not good for micro-blog marketing. The purpose of the enterprise is very clear, that is, through micro-blog marketing to improve their visibility, then the first thing to do is to identify the location of the enterprise, in order to be able to publish the content to cause the attention of the customer base. From the information released to the reception of a process, this process is just like the structure of Pyramid as a ten, ten hundred, is spread more widely. Enterprises through accurate positioning, the establishment of micro-blog, then what to do?

1, content is the key, creativity is the highlight of


enterprise content must be able to meet the user’s information needs, so that users will recognize your business. Micro-blog has just mentioned the positioning of the enterprise, on the basis of the release and positioning of the content, so that your users will pay more attention to your business. Just 140 words can express the content is limited, which requires enterprises to tap the creative and highlight the publication, with creativity and highlights content easier to get fans forwarding, otherwise not only fans forwarding, also lost because the fans are bland. One of the micro-blog content publishing is illustrated more creative, we own mining method.

2, hype to promote the celebrity effect

just started to build micro-blog, is the need to attract attention by some activities and speculation. When the fan reaches a certain level, you can carry out some user feedback activities, of course, is also in the promotion of their own business, the purpose of doing so is to continue to attract the attention of fans, let the fans active in micro-blog, micro-blog’s loyalty to the enterprise. Ganji is the use of celebrity Chen Yao’s little-known, repeated scrolling advertising, sweeping the vast number of users of the brain, the effect is very good. Thus, the promotion of micro-blog marketing companies can refer to this approach, with the obvious power to spread their business. The number of micro-blog fans star is quite amazing, even if it is not famous star, he brought the number of broadcast is very impressive, more on the more fans, these fans are likely to become your customers. For example, Sheenah

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