Ma Huateng ‘m the first product rule for a second

Abstract: Pony brother is China’s first generation product manager, is by far the best product manager. He felt that a good product must follow three rules: "a second idiots rule, eight Internet law, 10/100/1000 law", while the three rule is around the attention and students.

India myth epic "Mahabharata" in such a story:

master Tero taught students archery, to Lin Zizhong, asked a student: see the birds without


yes, see.

asked, "do you see the woods and me?

answer: all see.

asked the other student, "do you see the birds, the trees and the people?

answer: I only see the birds.

Tero that shoot, in.

Tero said that the only child who saw the bird was a good student.

this is a story about concentration.

from the first day of QQ 17 years ago, on the first day, Ma Huateng is the only see a bird of good students". The bird is the user.

pony can be regarded as China’s first generation product manager, is by far the best product manager. He felt that to do a good product, we must follow the three principles, and these are the principles of the focus of the three.

a second change idiot rule

2005, Zhang Xiaolong led the Foxmail team was acquired by Tencent.

during mergers and acquisitions, Tencent, including Zhang Xiaolong himself, do not quite understand why Ma Huateng to buy Foxmail, because Tencent has QQmail. However, Ma Huateng said a word but impressed Zhang Xiaolong, he said: Foxmail user experience is particularly good, we do it ourselves, how to do well."

Zhang Xiaolong

at that time. What is the meaning of "user experience", he gradually became clear after a long time, in fact, is not consciously to simulate user behavior, but did not know this is called "user experience".

Zhang Xiaolong with his small team to build the entire mailbox system, however, in the first two years is not smooth. Until 2006 decided to abandon the previous complicated route, a lightweight minimalist version of transformation. Whether any increase in a function, how to increase the need to make, Zhang Xiaolong.


a product manager, often a skilled user, or even a developer. Starting from the needs of the self, will be able to make a pile may be high-end, but cumbersome, complex, the use of the function is not high.

a good product, technology and functionality are not the most important, the most important is from the user perspective

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