Network marketing need to seek the first move after the first move

"after the first adjustment of the plan, after the first move" this sentence in the sales industry has been recognized and valued by many people. It means that before doing a thing, it is necessary to conduct a thorough and detailed investigation and investigation, and then began to develop appropriate implementation strategies, the development of effective strategies to carry out action.

in accordance with the meaning of this sentence, but also very suitable for us to do network marketing. The traditional sales actually have a lot in common and network marketing, network marketing is not just the same work is relying on the Internet platform, not truly and the users and consumers face to face communication and communication. But the same as the classic words of our network marketing.

in the development of network marketing before the contest SEO think need to follow the following steps:

first step: in-depth understanding of their products and services

called the "enemy" is the meaning, must deeply understand the product features, their properties and advantages and so on before carrying out network marketing. Only a true understanding of their products to be sold in order to tap the product of the flash point and selling point, so in the future of the network marketing can play a multiplier effect.

second step: analysis of competitors marketing strategy

is not enough to understand their own, network marketing is also a war without smoke. In order to beat the competitors of the same kind of products on the Internet, it is necessary to deeply understand and analyze the strength and marketing strategy of their competitors. Only really do the enemy can become a real winner.

third step: analyze your target group

with products and services

Internet is like a boundless sea, we generally in the wide net, few people can really do precision marketing. The reason is that there is no in-depth analysis of their customer base. Only a complete understanding of their products, in order to truly find your target customers, determine the target customers will be able to implement precision marketing. Not only save advertising costs but also improve the conversion effect.

fourth step: develop effective and feasible marketing plan

has the first three steps to pave the way, I believe in your mind has a viable and effective marketing program. The marketing plan should be combined with the company’s strategic positioning. If the company wants to start building a network of brands rather than generating benefits, it is necessary to combine the company’s decision to develop a program.

program is not difficult to develop, the most difficult thing is the core of the thing is – the execution of a strong team does not have a good plan is just talk.

the fifth step: the detection of marketing effects to adjust marketing methods


is started, there will be some marketing data that can be analyzed, and it is important to analyze the data

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