Shenyang street line two-dimensional code marketing mixed feelings

holds 51 small holiday blessing, a rare day free, although bad weather, but fail to beat the Xiaoyuan treasure, he decided to go to the street prosperous family, on the road to see a bus body advertising, and eye-catching two-dimensional code, but I expect to scan a two-dimensional code is scanty, the people can not afford the slightest interest, and do not know what you sweep, two is the vehicle is moving, is difficult to scan up.

to the street, the road to the prosperous family received leaflets, a two-dimensional code, passed by Gome, there are several mobile phone manufacturers support advertising appliances, produced by the door, but in the two-dimensional code below, close to the ground, I took out my mobile phone trying to scan it, failed.

remarkable, two-dimensional code marketing in Shenyang City rise is not a day for two days, all businesses have to test the water, but how effective, all businesses have the nature in the heart, if you have little effect, do you see two-dimensional code marketing such as chicken ribs, tasteless but wasteful to discard. Mobile Internet era, do not say that they engage in a two-dimensional code marketing, micro-blog marketing, WeChat marketing, are embarrassed to say that they understand marketing.

your confusion is nothing more than, how to do? How to do? How about today? I don’t want to talk too much, just say a few points:

the first point: what do you look like a two-dimensional code you want to know that the user is the key to the two-dimensional code scanning, do not lose at the starting line!

second points: in addition to access to information and shopping preferences, you can also provide differentiated services, or is your unique features!

third points: how to put the two-dimensional code, where the two-dimensional code, where is your audience?

fourth: how to interact with your God, how to achieve the perfect O2O (about the next line of business opportunities and the Internet) with your business platform), whether it has been set up is completed, through two-dimensional code channels, you can bring you God are more convenient and fast consumer experience, such as the realization of complex functions of online orders the media, online payment, voting, such as video on demand, increase the chances of the interaction.

fifth points: user experience, customer feedback is the most you need to listen to different customer groups and different regions of the group needs are different, this is the difference between regional and user groups. Go shopping tired, go home after the first thing is to get these feelings to share with other people, if you are interested in two-dimensional code marketing, if you want to know about the WeChat marketing, micro-blog marketing, and between the three how to combine to do marketing; welcome to http://s., you can retain the original link thank you for your support and understanding,



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