How to break the curse of the slow growth of the product manager

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The author of this paper

cloth cotton three class co sponsor, former Baidu Senior Product Manager, product director, and senior product director, has 10 years of experience and products.

this article is written for start-up business owners, HR is responsible for the people, the main purpose is to help start-ups to determine the ability of the model product position, and establish a promotion channel, in order to better retain the culture product manager, product manager, rather than to the big companies to do the wedding dress.

I have been working on products and operations for about 10 years. In the course of the work, the face of countless people, including school recruit, social recruit, headhunting recruitment, in the interview process, I will be in the end let the job seekers to ask him some questions.

generally speaking, in addition to salary, benefits and other issues, the most asked are these:

what is the core competency of the employees in this position?

what is your company’s opportunity to learn


in your company, what is the path to promotion?

the first question, I will generally tell the truth, what needs to be done after the entry, about what kind of capacity needs. But this ability is very difficult to directly classify, so that the more general, the main reason is because of the ability to model the product manager is not sure, in different companies, the product manager position and ability requirements are different.

second questions about learning opportunities. Good time at Baidu, because the big companies have the talent training, systematic learning system, at least from the beginning of 2008, there have been regular sharing and internal training opportunities, Baidu in 2010, according to the different levels of talent, have different schedule to pick. And now Baidu, from online to offline, from the company to the outside, there are many training. At the same time, it will also purchase third party courses, including the course of the three classes, has become one of the degree courses.

in the market, but in learning and thinking, this problem is more embarrassing, although the market has been relatively large, then the company, but the training mechanism of talents is very weak. So we can only answer: we are learning in real combat, there will be a lot of individual learning opportunities. In fact, the voiceover is little systematic learning and training mechanisms, but there are some internal sharing, will regularly invite outside teachers to share.

in Xueersi when Kaka teacher from the Tencent organized a series of study and promotion mechanism, the enterprise internal personnel training is very helpful, but as far as I know, most of the 30 people around the product manager, operation scale enterprises, there is no learning mechanism of the complete.

if the venture company, the problem may be even more awkward, internal sharing almost no invitation to external teachers is unlikely. This can not blame the boss, because the company is too small, face

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