Valentine’s Day activities you are my second world interactive marketing analysis

Valentine’s day when the major sites have launched large-scale activities to attract the attention of users, Taobao’s Web site navigation scouring site is low-key and users interact with Valentine’s day. Active link:

arguably, Valentine’s Day is worth one big day, 114la, 2345 site navigation station, have launched the Valentine’s Day special page. While scouring the URL is focused on the interaction with the user, and the user "together" now we analyze, why Amoy URL will this low-key marketing trend.


. Here, Amoy stressed the "Valentine’s Day", and you whisper "love", one of the theme are reflected, allowing users to see the feeling extremely kind. There’s an urge to get involved.

the content of the post, is a short poem. To express the distant lover’s thoughts of love, is valuable. The poem reads as follows:

long night

Miss butterfly

waving wings

open the cold separation

even if it’s snowing outside

also want to sleep a knot

recorded 2956th nights

Don’t forget our

for two

says thank you

you are my second world

is my sunshine

is everything to me

when we embrace

two hearts overlap again

you are my second world

our Acacia

Our night

like heat flow warm enveloped

every day is Valentine’s day

look at the second team. Amoy reply to users, easy humor, strong interaction. Here are a few pictures, we look at:









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