nvestigation and Thinking on the theme of network events

The so-called

network events, usually refers to a social event or social phenomenon in the network has been widely reproduced, thread, comment on, causing the spread of the traditional media or government concern. Such as the 2007 Chongqing "holdout", "Shanxi black brick kiln incident", "Southern China tiger incident".

I use the keyword "2007", "network events" to retrieve the network events occurred in 2007 of 37. The analysis found that the network events focus on three aspects: one is the moral quality of citizens, ethical concerns (19%) and the supervision of the society and the media (19%); two is the care to vulnerable groups (14%); three is to safeguard the rights of citizens (12%). The condemnation of violence (including social violence, domestic violence) and the promotion of good social customs, is also an important issue of network events. Pornography, patriotic theme is also a sensitive topic of network events.

The distribution of the theme of

netizens’ speech shows a wide range of topics, but also the characteristics of relative concentration. The critical comments on the society, government, interest groups, legal and human rights accounted for a large proportion of sympathy, condemned the remarks. In some cases, the Internet users strongly urged the top posts, expanding domestic and international influence, in order to arouse the attention of the whole society and attention to the speech, let us feel a strong sense of the existence of civil power. For example, in the "Shanxi black brick kiln incident, Tianya requirements the top note of the remarks accounted for about 1/3 of the total number of posts. Netizens comment on the degree of freedom of speech and influence of the Internet is also a topic of Internet users, although the proportion is very small, but it is also a theme can not be ignored. They praised the network community courage, or against the moderator to delete comments. From the overall point of view, the theme of the network event and the main theme of the Internet users have the following characteristics, it is worth thinking about:

1 low proportion of rational speech, irrational remarks relatively high

in general, the network event involving the subject, whether attention to vulnerable groups, or focus on ethics and personal qualities; whether the social supervision and the supervision of the media, or the rights and justice; whether the themes of patriotism, promoting good social fashion, but also is a network entertainment event, show the reason strong color. Even some pornographic themes, of which there are sporadic rational speech. But from the specific case analysis, we can see that the rational speech is not much. The proportion of rational speech will be greatly reduced if the irrational remarks by the administrator are counted. Although the forum moderator has repeatedly called for the post to be rational, there are also netizens spontaneously called post to rational, but relatively speaking, the voice of reason is not very high. Therefore, users need to improve media literacy, strongly urge the voice of reason; in addition, also need to strengthen the network of public opinion, especially some experts or opinion leaders to participate, will have a role to improve the rational proportion of speech play.

of course, we also need to look at the irrational remarks, to prevent one-sided exaggeration of network events >

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