Pa Pa Huang Taiji who is forced to Claudia or nonsense

introduction: each of them to the topic very impact on the Internet DaTouZhen, are based on the contradiction of eye-catching sustainable marketing, started to be favorable, but worship, but had eventually been suspected.


first heard of Huang Taiji and later the pancakes, carved sirloin, and that the West master hamburger to the nearest barberry church, the great spirit of all walks of life and jump, will enter the traditional restaurants, they dressed in golden armor on the head of marketing, with "Internet thinking" of dazzling aura, almost every claim to the shop (at least) to the country.

Although the origin of

is different, with the line of tricks are not the same, but they still have too many similar. Each of them is a topic very impact on the network DaTouZhen, are based on the contradiction of eye-catching sustainable marketing, have vowed to do the ultimate user experience, to have been touted, worship and learning, but in the end, they have been suspected in the end — as China Youth Daily reporter West master the hamburger: "after the passion gone, West master can go long is still worthy of attention."

1 Huang Taiji & magic


founder Huang Taiji, he Chang, who was in Baidu, where to go, Google as a brand and user experience management, after the establishment of the two digital marketing companies. From personal experience point of view, Huang Taiji is containing the Internet user experience and marketing, the two golden spoon born, there is a strong sense of marketing genes. From July 2012 onwards, Huang Taiji started a kaleidoscope of marketing techniques, a pancake seems to have become a drama: the alien conference, beautiful wife, open luxury cars to send pancakes, a popular micro-blog.


however, I do not know which day, it is still being seen, diners early adopters of psychology satisfied, finally respect his tongue, is no longer the eyeball economy, diners have made such an evaluation: "to the Internet thinking is to return the product quality, price, taste: position." This, in a relatively neutral public comment data evident: Huang Taiji traditional delicacy (Jianwai SOHO flagship store) in the public comment on the evaluation of a total of 1080, five-star rating of 115, accounting for 11%, four evaluation of 308, accounting for 29%, Samsung star + + one star bad even accounting for up to 60%, while the same in the micro-blog hot beverage industry star sea fishing (Wangjing branch), and the comments are 46% five-star four-star, Samsung star of a star + +. The proportion was only 8%! Is not much difference! The most important reason is Huang Taiji is slowly cooled down don’t you blow what delicious taste, cattle? To Internet type user experience to the thinking of the traditional delicacy, pay attention to the network experience rather than real food experience, really difficult to convince the public.

eat this thing, very easy to find.

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