O2O prescription drug business cloud health A+ round of financing 135 million yuan or underlying Ali

March 19th, Shanghai Pharmaceutical Group announced that its pharmaceutical business platform. Cloud health completed 135 million yuan A+ round of financing: Shanghai Yue Pu and so investment will be in cash invested 67 million 500 thousand yuan capital increase on the company’s business platform cloud health, and each accounted for 4.5467% of the equity on health cloud. Shanghai Yue Pu Yuan fund department China Softbank capital management, investment is too Sheng Shanghai City charity fund holdings 100%.


announcement shows that cloud health medicine was founded in March 18, 2015, the third of 70 million yuan and a natural person jointly funded by the Shanghai pharmaceutical in cash; in August 18, 2015, Shanghai pharmaceutical’s medicine holdings and Jingdong, IDG capital respectively 900 million yuan, 151 million 500 thousand yuan, 60 million 625 thousand yuan to increase on cloud health.

The following changes on cloud health equity structure before and after the capital increase of



According to

, Huapu Tianjian Certified Public Accountants issued standard unqualified audit report, as of October 31, 2015, the main financial data on cloud Health Audit: the total assets of 1 billion 225 million 814 thousand and 600 yuan, total liabilities 618 million 272 thousand and 200 yuan, net assets of 607 million 542 thousand and 400 yuan, operating income of 1 billion 430 million 725 thousand and 400 yuan, net profit of 6 million 398 thousand and 600 yuan.

it is understood that the drug is the first domestic retail cloud health resource integration solutions for online and offline prescription O2O business. On the line, creating a "cloud health electronic prescription, drug data, patient data three platforms; the line, on the integration of Shanghai health cloud pharmaceutical retail rich resources, the layout of three retail outlets.

specifically. Line three big data platform, from prescription diversion, drug purchase, health management, referral appointments and so the whole process service function. "HIS docking system of electronic prescription platform or self prescription drug expense system; data platform docking Shanghai medicine and its partners in the retail drug inventory and distribution information, to ensure fast and accurate delivery of drugs; the patients data platform will be on the patient’s treatment, medication, diagnosis and other health data for long-term tracking record. Under the three tier retail network, including Shanghai’s own specialty pharmacy (DTP) owned by the hospital, the hospital cooperation / hosting pharmacies and social retail and other types of physical pharmacy.

insiders believe that on the final positioning of "Ali cloud health and health". Moreover, compared with Ali "Hospital of the future" has many advantages: medicine has nearly 2000 chain pharmacy stores, pharmacies and hospitals throughout the country cooperation hosted nearly 60, the shop is rich in resources under the line; electric > subsidiary of Zhongxie pharmaceutical.

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