Fast reading start a network marketing mode

used to like to argue with others about a question: first, the chicken or the egg?

this is not accurate answer, different methods correspond to different situations, like I can ask: first network marketing or first sellers? The product first, or the first

profit model?

now, let me answer, my answer is: first the first profit model to sell. Because, to do one thing, the fastest way to success is to start from imitation.

says an example of my own experience. In 2010, Taobao has just started off crazy, I also followed the trend, Taobao made a few guest API program (scheme, the most simple client upload to the space can be used, automatic call Taobao customer products, the Commission in Ali mother the settlement), selling 50 yuan a, then this program not much, one day to sell 6 very easily.

because I was still reading, only on the weekend to sell, then there is a customer, I bought a program, asked me a lot of questions, and then quietly put the program placed on Taobao to sell 50 yuan a day, crazy to Taobao webmaster, guest, part-time, etc. group and forum posting publicity volume…… When I found it has sold more than and 90, later find his theory, complained that Taobao had no effect, he ignored, I went to his shop after a month, has sold more than and 400, the price dropped to 30 yuan, a conservative estimate of profit more than 2W.

I’m still a little admire him, although he violated my interest in buying the program before, he is not a station, all around this question that I asked, turned to dare to sell, but also sell better than me, selling better than me either, even turned on me. For what? Because he learned to the station, I have no use for him what, dumbfounding.

I admire his strong learning and imitation ability, as well as bravery to do the color, but the character and emotional intelligence.

this thing is a great inspiration to me: what do hard innovation, others touch a viable profit model, copied hard execution is not on the line. Of course, I do not advocate the pirate others, but to say a hundred test Braun model.

this fast start mode is: the first study through other people’s profit model, then contact the product, determine the platform, learning marketing methods.

this is actually a set of methods to steal, I think more than to steal the chance of success to "steal", because is prying every secret, know a little, will make people very excited about, because not easily won, will cherish, work harder; and "Apprentice" a lot of people feel as a backer, pulled a banner, and then her legs, I think this is achieve success and win recognition, to master the introduction of the door, rely on individual practice.

a lot of people do not because the contrary, see what others sell fire, to follow the trend of purchase, then fathom >

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