Recently found in the acquisition of links to make money

recently in stationmaster net forum link trading area acquired a number of links, ranging from pr1-pr4, found a way to earn money

a lot of people to sell links, are at once sent a group address, is a domain of the two domain names, I have seen, are being included in the search engine domain, but filled with all kinds of PW links, can certainly, the station is to sell links and the construction of the bottom, selling 30 Links, a 5 yuan, there is 150, but the link is a dull life, I in the acquisition process will have experience, want to be able to develop an intelligent tool that can automatically check Links (the assassin that have expired automatically remind), renewals, and can send messages to stationmaster directly above.

is now the key problem is how to make up the two level domain, search engines, I think of the current batch is in each big build blog, and make your own links, do not know if this method is not feasible? Hope to have friends to talk together.

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